Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


8. Chapter 8


I  search through my suitcase while the boys get dressed. I try to find something good to wear to a party. Something that will shock them completely. Finally I find it. I pull on some tights with bright blue thorn patterns on them. I put on my faveroutie shorts, black with rips all over them and a electric blue belt with silver studs on. I squeeze into a tight black top with a skeleton on. Its shows of my completely flat somache. I grin, even with all the food I've been eating during the holidays, I'm still stick thin. Finally I put on a blue and black zebra print hoodie, the hood has two pointy bits at the top that make me look like a cat when I pull the hood up.

"Are you going bare foot then?" Dainel says behind me. He has the same blue jeans on but he has put  a red alien top on to match his red trainers. I smile at him and put my shoes on. Crazy black high heels  with light blue swirls. Leo laughs and high fives me.

"I like your style Amy" he says putting my hood up. He laughs harder when he sees the cat ears. Jasper gives me a slightly annoyed look. 

"She's going to draw too much bad attention" He hisses at Daniel, as if it's his fault. Leo's head jerks towards him.

"Give over Jasper, shes going to get attention anyway if she's a new girl" He turns back to me and pulls th hood back down, "You should put hair down, it looks to little girly up." I pull out the bobbles. He grins at me.

"Come on then guys we have a party to go to"

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