Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


7. Chapter 7


The walls are white but someone has been busy with the spray paints because there are drawings and paintings all over the wall. Apart from one wall which is taken over by a giant flat screen TV. There are 2 bunk beds, one with blue covers and the other with green. All over the place there are CD's, gadgets and lots of empty food wrappers. There are 2 doors either side of the TV. One marked kitchen and the other marked bathroom.

"You like?" Says Leo jumping onto the sofa infront of the TV.

"I suppose it's nice but where do I sleep?" I say.

"Well you'll have to decide with Dan, whether you have the top or bottom bunk. But anyway, the rules...." says Jasper opening a can of cola.

"I sleep with you guys?!" I cut him off.

"Yeah, course you do, your not in primary school anymore" Leo says, "Oi Jasper get me a bottle of lemonade, will you" I stare gobsmacked. I have to share a room with boys!

"ANYWAY" Jasper says, throwing Leo his lemonade,"The rules, there are none. Only that when we have newcomers we throw a big party in the ,main hall. Oh and we only have to go to the lessons we want. We don't even have to do lessons if we don't want to but the lessons here are quite fun, so me and Leo sometimes go, but not always"

"They throw a party for us?" Daniel says shocked.

"Yep, so get your best outfits on because it'll proberly start in a few hours, depending on when we get called down" Leo says jumping back up from the sofa,"Chop chop people"

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