Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


5. Chapter 5



I keep my eyes closed, the music filling my head. How could he? I haven't knew him for more than 5 minuets and he wants to present me as his girlfriend. I feel like punching him but he has no idea that I read him text and even though I don't know him so well, I already know he might be angry. Play along, I think, act as if you have no idea. Maybe I could act like a cow infront of his friend and then he would leave me alone.

"Amy, wake up we're here",my eyelids snap open. Oh god its worse than I thought. Its an old building but it streaches on for miles. Well it looks like that anyway. I get out the car and automatically I smell the 'fresh country air', as mom said I would. It's not fresh as she said it was. I grab my suitcase and follow Dan and his mom indoors.

I'm hit by the smell of cabbage and perfume. A woman in a skirt that is way past her knees and a grey blouse walk up to us.

"Ah, you must be Amy Smith and Daniel Jones, I'm Mrs Marsh, welcome to St. Stephans school", She says shaking hands with both of us. She turns to Daniel's mom.

"You can leave them with us now Miss Jones, we'll get some students to look after them" Daniel's mom gives us a wave then walks out the door. Mrs Marsh turns to us.

"Well then, lets find you two some one to look after you" She turns and leads us down a brightly light corridor. The doors have signs on them like, Class 23A or Class 12F. All of them painted bright colours. She stops at a door marked, Common room yr8. She opens it slightly, only to stick her head around it. 

"You four", She says "Come here, we have new arrivals". I here a girl sigh and then two boys and two girls emerge from the room. They look stunned. Not at Daniel, but at me.

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