Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


4. Chapter 4


I sweep my fringe away from my eyes, letting the warm sun onto my face.

"I like your nails Amy" Daniel says looking up from his phone for 2 seconds. He has been on it all the time in the car. Probably wants to avoid awkward conversations, especially as his mom is in the car as well.

"Thanks, I.......I like your phone case.", I say quickly trying to think up something else to say. He nods and smiles briefly then goes back to playing games on his phone. I sigh and pull out my ipod. I flick through my music. Nothing seems suitable to play in the car. Everything is heavy metal and judging by the way his mom looked at me, I don't think she would approve of my music.

"Wow, you've got and ipod touch?! My mom won't let me have a decent phone, let alone an ipod." 

"Do you want to listen, Daniel?" I say offering him and one of the ear phones. 

"Ok, and call me Dan, Daniel sounds like your my mom or something" I search the music for something I think he might listen to. Nothing. I look again. I'm about to give up when he reaches out his finger and taps the screen. The music that comes out of my ear phone is screamo. My eyes widen at him. 

"What? I do listen to this music you know", We go through all of the songs on my ipod. Each one I grow more comfortable with him. He's alot like me than I thought. I would never have saw it with his green top and light blue jeans, he looks like a normal person.

About an hour later the car slows down. I look at the window shocked that we are so early but it's just a petrol stop. Dan's mom gets out to fill up the car. Dan opens the door as well.

"Tell my mom that I've gone to the loo", He says. I rest my head against the window on my side and watch him walk into the toilets. My eyes silde towards the petrol meter. I watch the numbers flicker on the screen. Growing higher. I heard a beep behind me. His phone. I reach over and look at the message. It's from someone called Jasper. I read it.

k, so when u gonna be here?

I look at the other texts, mainly boring boys stuff but one text catches my eye.

so is this Amy ur girlfriend?

I chuckle at the idea of me haveing Daniel as a boyfriend. I stop when I see the text underneath that.

Of course she is dumbo.

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