Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


3. Chapter 3



All I can see is blood. All over the walls and puddles of it on the floor. I try to get out by banging on the door but blood spills out and drips onto my fists. I feel something behind me. I turn but my face is smothered with guts. Its pushing me back and I fall down a dark hole.I feel something shaking me as I hit the bottom.

"Wake up Amy, mom is making pancakes" Jenny's small warm hands gripping my arm trying to pull me out of bed.

"Piss off Jenny, I'm not hungry." I hear her walk towards the door and quietly pull it shut. I drag myself out of bed and shuffle to the bathroom. I wash my face and rag a brush through my hair. I separate it into two pony tails. I spike the ends with some hair gel. I get my make up bag and turn from a normal girl that just woke up into an amazing emo. I give my self purple lips and a white complexion. I colour my eyelids black with black eyeliner and lots of mascara. Finally I paint my nails black with purple stripes.

I go back to my bedroom and put on the outfit I left out on my bed side. A strapless black top, a purple tutu skirt with black lace, ripped black tights, black high top trainers with purple laces, purple leg warmers and black and purple striped fingerless gloves. I look at myself in the mirror.

This school had better watch out.

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