Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


2. Chapter 2



I storm upstairs and slam my door shut. The heavy metal posters stuck all over my dark purple walls flutter upon impact. I pull out a box from under my bed and retrieve a can of lemonade. I turn and sit on my desk chair. The laptop screen is on so I go on my email. Nothing apart from the usual network adverts. I'm about to turn it off when the little email icon flashes at the bottom of the screen. I click on it and peer at the name.  Daniel Jones. WHAT?! Daniel is the most rebellious kid in my school. I've ran into him a few times when I bunked off school but I wouldn't expect him to email me. I open up the email.

Hi Amy,

I heard u r going 2 St.Stephens boarding school?

u wanna lift there 2morrow?


What does he mean? 

Hi Dan

Wat do u mean a lift?

I don't think he'll reply quickly so I get another lemonade form my box. I'm surprised when I see 4 icons flashing at the bottom of my screen.

I got 2 go as well

I got no idea what to take cause its a no uniform school.

u got a web cam?

Wanna vid chat?

I nearly faint. Daniel wants to talk to me on web cam. 

k send me the link

Within seconds there he is on my laptop screen.  I feel myself blushing as he stares at me. He obviously can't get over the sight of my in my pajamas. "What have you done to your hair?" A wave of relief spreads through me. "I dyed my hair purple with black ends at the start of the summer holidays, do you like it?" 

We continue talking about random stuff untill Daniel starts about what to wear when we get there. "I heard they don't like emo's" I can imagine that, a load of posh school kids. Emo's and Goth's aren't going to be number 1 with them. "How do you know that?" "I got a friend there, he heard I was going there so he told me all the stuff on how to keep on there good side." 

Great, I think, Daniel is going to have someone to hang out with. I'm going to be all alone. And I might be outcasted like a was from my old school. Daniel can almost read my face. "I'll make sure we look after you, don't want you to be a loner do we?" I give him one of my rare smiles. "I suggest you get rid of the emo look though because people are going to mark you as one of the weirdos" My smile streaches wider.

"No,"I say,"I'm keeping the look, I'll show them that I couldn't care less"


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