Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


13. Chapter 13

"So then, Amy, how are you settling into St.Stephens?", Toni says, scrubbing the red stain on my top. My clothes are in the sink and I'm wearing Shadows dressing gown. Red with white polka dots. I run my hands down the fluffy sleeves, it reminds me of mine back at home. Home. I kind of miss it. Emma's cooking. My dark bedroom. Even Jenny, I would give anything to see her rosy cheeks and her sparkly eyes again.

"Hello?!", Toni flicks water from the sink into my face," I asked you something. At least listen to me, I am washing your stuff after all"

"I don't know what to say. I guess I'm settling okay, apart from Charlotte"

"Yeah, I know. She always tries to mess with the new kid", Toni lowers eyes and keeps on scrubbing. A bit more vigorously.

"Your so lucky", she mumbles under her breath. I just about catch it.

"What?", I say. Toni looks at me and then takes her hands out of the sink. She walks over to the kitchen door and closes it, leaving Shadow and Jasper in the living room, laughing mindlessly at the TV. She turns to me and sighs.

"Okay, what I am about to tell you is a massive secret. Well, lots of people know it but we don't talk about it, not in front of Shadow. And you can't either", Toni says, her hands on my shoulders, her eyes directly in mine. I feel like she is looking right into my head. 

"I won't tell a soul", I promise.

"You aren't completely human...", she says before I cut her off.

"I know that", I say pushing her arms off my shoulders, "And it doesn't seem like a big secret"

I walk over to the door, slightly annoyed. I thought there was something big that Toni would tell me and instead she just states the obvious. My hand reaches out to the door knob when Toni's hand grabs my wrist and turns me to her.

"But your not completely vampire either"

I raise my eyebrow quizzically. What does she mean? Toni sighs and drops my wrist and walks over to the sink and stares into the water.

"You get a choice, Amy. You have enough of your human soul left to go back to being a human, you can live your normal life and we'll help you forget you ever came here"

"So I'm not a vampire right now?", I question. Toni turns her head to me.

"No, your a form of hybrid. Your soul is making the transition that your knowledge has held back"

"My knowledge? What the heck is that?", hints of fear are present in my voice. 

"It was not in your knowledge of any form of supernatural beings, so your soul could not change", Toni explains.

"So how does this make me lucky?", I say. Toni's eyes turn to the water. She stares into it almost like she is looking for an answer in its warm depths. It's a considerable amount of time before she answers me.

"If you decide to make the transition from human to vampire, you'll never know of your human self. Your whole memory will be erased"

"What? How the hell does that make me lucky?", I scream. Toni looks up at me, her eyes blazing like she truly despises me.

"You get the choice. Everyone does. You choose the one that your body is doing right now. Do you understand?", She hisses at me.

"What if I don't want to become a vampire? What if I want to lie with my family?", I say, venom in my voice. Suddenly Toni comes flying towards me and slams me against the wall. Her hand at my throat and her eyes burning red.

"You take this opportunity and you be glad that you don't have to go through any pain. Be glad that you'll complete your transformation in any a few days", Toni hisses, her face right in front of mine, so I can see right into her eyes.

"A FEW DAYS? What if I don't want to change?", I shout, a single tear streaming down my cheek.

"Look, be happy that it'll soon be over with. You won't have any form of guilt over your human self", Toni says, her grip tight against my throat.

"Why do you even care?! You don't remember your human self, you probably wouldn't care anyway!", I shout into her face. Her eyes drop to the ground. She lets go of my throat and turns away from me.  

"I remember my human self, just like Shadow. We weren't as lucky as you", her words dropping to almost a whisper, "We...Our parents were human, our lives were perfect. We were happy, until we died", She says.

Before I can react, something shifts behind me. I turn around and see Shadow lingering in the doorway. I think that she will be angry, but she just looks, empty. She looks right at me.

"In my lifetime", Toni continues, "I wasn't exactly a good person, I stole stuff, I skipped school and I went to places without my parents permission. In the end, my soul was to heavy with these 'sins', so I could not go to heaven. Yet I managed to escape from hell. So now I wonder the earth as a ghost"

Shadow walks over to Toni and pats her on the back, she then looks at me.

"I was the same", she whispers, "But somehow I tricked my way into heaven. But when I got there, I could not walk along the clouds with ease. One day I slipped and fell through the sky. As I fell, a storm formed around me. The lightning made scars along my body. The dark clouds stained my wings black. My whole body was on fire. And then I hit the ground"

"So your a ghost too?", I ask. Shadow sighs.

"No, I'm a fallen angel"  

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