Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


12. Chapter 12

"That was so embarrassing", I wail, walking down the corridor. Egg and tomato splattered all over my clothes. 

"It's not your fault, one of Charlotte's goons probably  messed with your blender before hand", Shadow says leading me up a flight of stairs, "Anyway Toni will sort your clothes out easily and I'll deal with Charlotte"

Shadow stops in front of a door plastered with music posters. She gestures for me to cover my ears and then opens the doors. We step inside. 

The sight that greets me is amazing. The walls are covered with music posters of every genre, pop, rock, metal, electronic, everything. Littered all around the floor are cables, amplifiers, speakers, headphones and guitar picks. All over the room are instruments that only millionaires could dream of. A massive drum set, a glorious piano, hundreds of guitars and the most amazing of all, a proper DJ set. Loud jazz music blasts around the room.

"For God's sake Toni, take your tongue out of  Jasper throat and clean up this mess".

Jasper? I scan the room and next to a pile of guitar strings I see him. He's sitting on an amplifier with a girl sitting on his lap. She breaks away from him and turns her head to Shadow. 

"Can't you see, I'm b...What the heck happened to you?", She says, her white eyes staring at me. It's like she's trying to look through me.

"Charlotte happened", Shadow says as she turns the mute button on the radio sitting on the top of the piano, "Toni, can you do me a favour and get the stains out of Amy's clothes, I don't think the boys in her room will help her out at all"

Toni sighs and stands up. She walks up to me and puts her hand out.

"Give us your stuff then"

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