Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


11. Chapter 11

The smell of cooking hits me as Leo pushes me into the massive kitchens. Food Technology. The first thing on my time table. Leo puts his arm around my shoulder and gestures to the room.

"Say hello to the cooking labs!", he says cheerfully. There are about 10 other kids in the room, all watching me and Leo.

"Why can't you stay here with me, Leo? I don't know anyone", I say, my voice cracking as I'm so terrified. Everyone has this snobby, strict, no humour at all, look about them. Leo picks up on this and points to a girl sitting on a work surface.

"See that girl there? That's my girl, Shadow. She'll look after you", he says. I look at him puzzled.

"You have a girlfriend?", I say,my eyes widening..

"Yes", he replies,"Why does everyone find that hard to understand?", he says guiding me over to Shadow. As we get closer, I see her more clearly. She has her hazelnut coloured hair tied back in a messy bun. Her eyes are an unnatural green colour and her skin is very pale. She wears a really weird outfit. A ruffled tartan miniskirt, a cream blouse with a studded collar, a brown tight-fitting waistcoat with an antique-looking pocket watch, fishnet tights and dark brown unlaced solider-style boots.

She has her head buried in a comic book but she lifts her head when she hears us approaching her. 

"Leo! I didn't expect to see you until lunch", she jumps off from the work surface and flings herself into Leo's arms. She is about the same size as Leo, which is quite tall. Leo must receive a welcome like that all the time because he doesn't back away, all he does is put his lips next to Shadows ear and whispers something. A few seconds later Shadow pushes away from him and turns to me.

"So your the new girl? Don't worry Leo, I'll take good care of her"

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