Secret Vampire

Ever thought there was something different about you, something you didn't know about? Something kept secret? I did. But I soon found out.


1. Chapter 1


My bare feet walk over the soft beige carpet and onto the cold floor boards of our dinning room. The smell of pork guiding me to my seat. "For god's sake Amy open your eyes or you'll knock something over" My eyelids reacting to moms voice.The bright colours seep into my eyes forcing them to squint. "Really Emma, did you have to paint the dining room green?" I say as I open my eyes a bit wider and help myself to a plate of pork belly, diced bacon, mashed potatoes and peas.

"Hey madam it's mom to you and who are you to judge my interior decorating" Mom is so old fashioned, all the other teenagers call their parents by their first names. Well I think so anyway. Nobody talks to me at school. They all think I'm weird, I can't blame them really. "They place needs some brightening up, I think we should repaint the whole house, hey girls?" Jenny's eyes sparkled. "I'm having my room pink"

The salty bacon tingles on my tongue. I close my eyes again and imagine myself on a beautiful Caribbean beach. The smell of salt on the air and the cool waves lapping at my feet. "Amy what colour do you want your room?" Jenny's squeaky 7 year old voice bringing my back from my daydream. "Black like always" I say as I shove the last of my peas into my mouth.

"AMY! Don't eat like that. Honestly I'm glad your going to that posh boarding school, it'll teach you some manners" Oh yeah my mom got sick of me always bunking off school that she's sending me to a boarding school. "Well you've got 3 weeks of me left. bad luck Emma" A smile spreads across moms face. "I don't think so young lady, look at this" She slides a letter along the table. I read it. 

I'm going to boarding school, tomorrow!

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