who would of know that she would be lucky


3. packing and travel!

*at the boys house, in nialls room*

niall: are you just going to sit there?

dayle: no you wont let me move remember!

* dayle was laying upside down on niall's bed watching him pack*

niall: oh yeah i forgot! *niall goes to kiss you but you stop him*

dayle: nope (: 

niall: but, but.....okay :/

*dayle gets off the bed and kisses his cheek causing him to have a cheeky smile*

*niall shows you the tour bus*

niall: heres the beds

dayle: witch is mine?

niall: i was kinda hoping you would sleep with me?(:

dayle: hmmm...idk 

niall: please??

dayle: how bout i sleep across from you?

niall: okay :/

dayle: well idk things might change by tonight..

niall: yay!(:

dayle: haha!

*that night dayle was sitting on her bed writing and niall surprises her*

niall: come here

dayle: no im staying on my bed

*niall comes to dayle's bed*

*niall puts his arm around dayle and cuddles up to her and falls alseep*

in the morning dayle woke up to see niall with a big smile on his face

dayle: what??

niall: did you know you talk in your sleep

zayn: really loud too!

louis: really loud?! did you have a bull horn or something

dayle: what did i say?!

liam and harry: i love you, niall!

*dayle burries her head in nialls chest in embarressment, niall kisses her head*


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