who would of know that she would be lucky


2. movies and more!

at 8 niall is at your house

*niall's thought*

should i ask dayle to come on tour with me?!? i just might have to talk to the guys when i told them what happened ealier they all freaked out and yell that htye knew it was going to happen one of these days


*dayle comes down the stairs dressed in this:*

niall had notices that dayle had gotten scared. he lifted her up and set her in his lap. she hid her head in his neck while he had his hands on her waist


*niall's thoughts*

ill just ask her after the movie.


*after the movie*

dayle: okay next time im picking!

niall: deal (: so, dayle can i ask you somthing?

dayle: yeah?

niall: would you wanna come on tour with me and the guys??

dayle: i would love too *kisses his cheek* but you gotta get it through mom!

niall: okay (:

dayle: your lucky she loves you

*the drive home was talking about the tour and when they would leave*

niall: im going to go ask your mom

dayle:i'll wait in the living room

*niall walks into the kitchen to find dayle's mom*

niall: momma can i ask you something

mom: me first i have a huge favor!

niall: anything?

mom: im leaving to go spend some time with my friends and i want to know if it'll be okay with you and the boys if dayle goes on tour with you

niall: i was about to ask you the same thing

mom: good! so its okay?

niall: yes!..momma i gotta tell you this

mom: what hun?

niall: i took dayle out on a date and we kissed...

mom: finally! you know how long in ive been waiting for that!...well i think no funny business! and you should come and help dayle pack in the morning because im leaving tomorrow and i still have to tell dayle

*mom walks out of kitchen and goes to her room*

niall: dayle??

dayle: in here..

*niall walks down the hallway into dayles room*

*niall walks in and finds dayle on the lounge chair staring at a picture of her dad*

niall: awe princess i know you miss him.

dayle: a bunch! i havent seen him in almost 8 years

niall: i know i only met him once...*niall pulls dayle into a hug and wipes the tear from her eye with his thumb*

niall: i'll be here in the morning to help you pack okay? 

dayle: okay (:

*nialls leans down and kisses dayle this lasted for about 30 seconds*

niall: goodnight (:

dayle: night (:

*niall kisses dayles forehead and walks out of the room*


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