who would of know that she would be lucky


1. bestfriends do attract

*dayle was in her room when there was a knock on the door*

dayle: who is it?

???: its niall

dayle: oh, hey come in!.*dayle was sitting on her bed writing a story when niall walks in*

dayle: why didnt you call?

niall: didnt feel like it so i just came over

dayle: okay..whatever floats your boat

niall:my boat is floating just fine! *he sees the binder beside you that says who knew?!*

naill:whats this??

dayle: a story no peeking until im finished!

niall: ugh fine!

dayle: niall,your my best friend right?

niall: thats a dumb question i will always be your best friend!

dayle: ok good so i can tell you that danny and i broke up

*niall's thoughts*

when dayle told me that her and danny had broke up i was overjoyed i had liked dayle ever since i met her witch is wierd because ive known her since 2cd grade and were both seniors in high school!

* dayle's thoughts* 

should i tell him why or give it a little bit?!...



niall: why???

dayle: ill tell you that later im not sure if i want to say why...

niall: buttmunch you know you can tell me anything!

dayle: yeah i know and dont call me that there is no way imma munch your butt!

niall:haha good thing! (; but really why?!

dayle: i liked someone else...more like love but still!

niall: who??????

dayle: you know him...ive known him since 2cd grade n ive liked him since 4th grade..

niall: is it jeremey cuz that would just be -_- 

dayle: haha no buttmunch!

niall: well then..tell me who or i will make you tell me!

dayle:....i dont wanna*next thing niall lifted and she dropped everything she was doing trying to get out of his grip*

niall:its either you tell me or you become the pools best friend!

dayle:okay okay okay ill tell you his name is niall james!

*niall's thoughts*

did she just say my name?! my only reaction was to put her down and..

*dayle's thoughts*

OMG! did niall really just do that?! 


*in that very instant niall puts dayle down grabs her waist pulled her close and kissed her and let me tell you that boy could kiss and dayle kissed him back*!

niall: i know too soon but ive been wanting to do that since 3rd grade! you maybe wanna go see a movie later?

dayle: duh! what movie?

niall: orphan??

dayle: umm...yeah we can see that.

niall: good see you at 8! *niall kisses dayles forehead and heads out the door*

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