Two girls are walking down the streets of downtown Vancouver when things take an unexpected turn for the better. But will it last or will everything fall as fast as it started?


1. Unexpected Turn

Cindy's POV: "Lisa lets go!" I cried as I hurried my best friend. We told our parents we were going shopping but they had no idea that Lisa had somehow gotten her hands on two 1D tickets. Lisa's call rang clear as she screamed "Coming Cin!" Moments later the front door burst open revealing a girl with light brown hair that came up to her shoulder. Lisa was taller then me by about a whole head. She was smart, strong willed and rebellious. Me on the other hand was quiet, shy, and loyal. I follow her with every scheme she plots.

Lisa was wearing a pair of white shorts and a blue top where as I was wearing a old purple t-shirt matched up with a dark pair of skinny jeans.

"Lisa that took you fifteen minutes and you told me you never wore make up." I teased.

"You don't know that I put on makeup. So shut up." Elisabeth snapped back and we walked down the street towards Rogers arena. We were almost there when we heard someone from a limo call out for some directions.

"Hey you two young ladies. Do you now where Rogers arena is. Our GPS died so we are kind of lost." The driver called out.

"Yeah just down the road. You can't miss it." Lisa told the driver who waved us a good bye before pulling away from the curb.

"Who do you think the passenger is? No one comes to a 1D concert in a limo." Lisa questioned me.

"Are you sure that You have the right date for the concert?" I questioned back.

"Positive." Lisa nodded and grabbed my hand before dragging me towards the stadium. We walked about five blocks before we spotted the same limo. Lisa who is not shy what-so-ever walked right up and tapped on the glass.

"Excuse me but do you need more directions to the arena?" Lisa asked.

"No actually my passengers were wondering where you two young ladies where heading so we could give you a lift." The driver asked.

"Rogers arena. 1D is going to be performing today." Lisa beamed.

"Well then you will be surprised who my passengers. You want a lift?" He asked.

"Sure." She answered without hesitation.

"How about no." I said speaking for like the first time.

"Cindy come on. This might be the only time that we get to ride in a limo." Lisa begged and I finally gave up. As we boarded the limo we found that it was a lot dimmer then we expected. We took the seats closest to the door and we could see five outlined figures.

"Hey thanks for saving is there. We would have been late." one of them spoke after what felt like eternity. Lisa and I both nodded our head slowly before returning our gaze towards the floor.

"So we still don't have your names." Another asked with a British accent.

"What are yours first?" Lisa shot back like the question was impolite.

"Fair enough. My name is Louis Tomlinson. Harry is the lad sitting next to me. Niall is at the end. Liam will tell you the rest." The voice who identified himself as Louis Tomlinson said.

"Liam and Zayn here. Now who are you two young ladies?" Liam asked.

"Cindy and this is Lisa." I replied quietly before Lisa rammed her elbow into my ribs.

"What was that for?" I asked harshly.

"These are the guys from 1D! If you haven't noticed yet. You know Harry's last name is Styles. Right? Now listen." Lisa started. "Hey Harry whats your last name? Just wondering."

"Styles." Came the reply and I let out a gasp.

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