Incubus Lover

A short poem of a carnal encounter


1. Incubus Lover


Writhing beneath covers, the woman doth wake

Alone she finds herself, yet rough skin of a mans palms, does she feel rake her flesh 

 Her own hands cling to pillows beneath her head 

As her hips curl upward , responding to the sweet torment of the unseen lovers touch

Breasts heave with ragged breathe, sweat beads upon her brow

Shifting her soft form against the downy bed as flesh nears release  

The woman can not cease near silent moans as the pressured sensation of teeth biting her throat come upon her

Jaws graced with ruby lips part in silent need 

Her silky form arches and trembles as her flesh can stand no more delicious torment

Surrendering to carnal urge, her ravaged body doth give release, thighs glistening to unseen eyes

Feminine hues open seeking he whom took her

Though he, be not seen, she feels him  she knows he is there 

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