Me and Airi

When Kison finds Airi, a mysterious creature, they become close. But when the Kostos forest is set upon with wild weapons, where will they go?


1. The Beginning

A gentle wind swept the forest, the birds tweeting and the cautious Aloms scuttering back to their dens. Gracefully sweeping out of the bustling forest was Kison- her deep purple cape riding in the illustrious wings of the gentle wind. Her face was immersed in a calm smile,he long black hair following as a delicate mane.

Distant hollers came from the crumbling stone house at the foot of the grassy hill, a house that Kison was approaching. As she delicately danced down the soft slope of the hill she answered the cries, chirping "coming Mother".

She trotted into the cosy house and collapsed into one of the enclosing soft feather chairs. Her mother turned to Kison, and gently smiled. The two sat there chatting about the days events.

Kison had her mother's looks- those deep emerald eyes and the sophisticated nose, resting above those enviable red lips. However how Kison compared to her father would forever be a mystery- as Kison had not seen her father since she was a baby, and had little recollection of his features at all.

So Kison and her mother were alone, on the enchanting but reclusive plains of Ameki. Kison spent her days exploring the wonderful Kostos Forest, at the tip of the hill, while her mother spent all day in the cottage, rarely venturing from the kitchen. This was how they had always lived- and had no idea of the drastic changes that were soon to occur in Ameki.

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