Path To Hell

Chelsea thought ther life was horrible, voilent, the worst. Everyone at school called her a freak, her parents thought that she was the worst thing that ever happened to them. But she had never known hell untill now...


2. No better

I came home from school that day, realising I would rather be at school...and that's saying something. When I walked in the door, my little sister, Ann, came and grabbed my legs. "Go away!" I hissed and shook her off. I walked into the kitchen, which could only fit 2 people in, 3 at the most. "How was school?" my Mum asked with a fag in one hand and her phone in the other. "I thought you were going to quit smoking.." I stared. She shrugged and took a puff. She was 29 and she had me when she was 14. As for my Dad, he is long gone. She was wearing a baby pink matching, fuzzy trackie, with rough brown hair tied up in a high messy bun with bits falling out. "Go get changed. You know my new boyfriend is coming over to meet you all." I stared and started to walk off. I was half way up the stairs when I heard her shout "Somthing nice!" I made my way back down the stairs and in the kitchen again. "I don't have anything 'nice' do I" I tipped my head. "Just leave me alone." I slouched upstairs. When I came down I found my Mum sitting on the sofa with various bottles around her. "It's your fault. He heard you shouting. You made him run. You made him run to his WIFE." she got up and threw a bottle at me. This is no better than school...

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