Path To Hell

Chelsea thought ther life was horrible, voilent, the worst. Everyone at school called her a freak, her parents thought that she was the worst thing that ever happened to them. But she had never known hell untill now...


1. School sucks!

I remember sitting in my little skanky flat with my skanky family. Those days were the worst. School was my escpae but that no better.

"move out the way freak!" My head collided with the wall, I had dropped all of my lunch and it was now unedible.

I was thinking of somthing smart to say 'someone's eager for food?' no. 'hey look what you've done you big fat idiot!' nope that sounded childish. They were already gone, out of my sight. 'great' I thought to myself 'this happens everytime'.

School is a nightmare, everyone hates me and I don't do anything, I just sit there and take notes. Mabe it's my out of control hair or my kitty backpack. My parents thought that was funny. They can't beat me so they dress my rediculusly and leave it to the kids at school who were happy enough with flushing my head.

The bell rang through the empty halls and I quickly made my way class before... my body was slammed side to side as 15,000 kids raced to get to lessons before detentions were handed out. It's not like any of us were afraid of detentions, but the head of discipline held all detentions in her office. She would make you sit there while she cried and told you all about her ex-husbands or if you were lucky she would just go through her old year book from high school, cry about her long gone friends and then show you photos of all her cats. It was torture.


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