Secret of The Clouds Above

You might think that when you die, you live a normal life as a ghost, or just a dead person. When I died, I noticed that it is nothing like what you would expect...


1. In Memory of Jordan Valleys

"Jordan we can do it!!!" Chrissy says. "I don't know it's a little scary from here!" I reply. "It'll be fun!" She says. Chrissy, my older sister, age 17, is a dare devil. She wants us to ride down Cleary Road on a motorcycle, jump off onto a trampoline, bounce over to the candy shop, grab 2 pieces of Jazzy Jellybeans (and paying,) and ride a bike outside the store straight to the rollerskating rink. The scary part to me is the JUMPING OFF A MOTORCYCLE!!! We get on the motorcycle, I'm sitting on the back, getting ready to jump. We are going so fast I don't hear Chrissy tell me to jump. I scoot forward to control the motorcycle but I don't know how! Wait a second! The cars are going the opposite direction and are heading straight for me! The car coming slams the break, and I want to jump off, but my body won't let me! I close my eyes because I know I will die. Atleast Chrissy will live! So much for wanting to be famous. So much for my bucket list. So much for growing up, becoming a parent, and raising my own little girl. Good-bye world!
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