Save me

Aubree finds that her boyfriend Nick hasn't been as faithfull as she thought. In the midst of all her drama she bumps into Niall from one direction and later the rest of the boys. Will she and Niall end up together or will Nick come to win Aubree back? Find out :)


4. The Blonde One

As we drove down the road I just stared out the window watching the cars and the streetlights while I thought about all that had happened. Tears started forming in my eyes again and I whipped them away before Niall could notice. I had to get my mind off of Nick. "So what do you do?" I asked while turning my head to look at him. "You don't know?"

"Am I supposed to?"

"You are a very interesting girl. Have you heard of the British boy band One Directon?"

"Oh! Yeah, my best friend Jessica is like obsessed with them. Wait..." Then it hit me. His face looked just like one of the boys from the band. He was the blonde one! "You're in One Direction!" He started laughing at my reaction

"Yeah. I'm suprised you didn't figure out who I was. Usually all the girls are all over me. It's actually nice not being known for a change."

"Jessica is going to freak out." I said while laughing. "But why did you go to a house party? Don't you go to fancy, nicer parties?"

"Yeah. But I like to stay some what normal." I wondered how no one knew who he was but then I rememberd that everyone was in party mode and probably didnt notice or care.

"Well I guess the party wasn't that normal since you got kissed by some random girl you don't even know and now your taking her to stay with you. That sounds way worse when you say it out loud."

"Then maybe I should get to know you more. Tell me something about you."

"Ummm, well I'm a dancer. I have been since I was three."

"That sounds cool. So you do it for fun?"

"Yeah. I'm not one of those girls with crazy moms that they force there old dancing dreams on. I do it because I love it."

"Haha. Well that's good. Maybe I could watch you sometime."

"Aren't you a little busy with some world tour right now? And you want to watch a nobody like me dance?"

"I have a week of vacation. And you're not a nobody you're Aubree the girl that kissed me at the party."

"Hey I think you kissed me actually."

"But you asked me to."

"True." We stopped at a red light and he looked over at me. His eyes were so beautiful. Then he started leaning in to me. Was he about to kiss me again? Without me asking him to? The light turned green and he turned his head back to the road. If he was going to kiss he that meant he actually wanted to not because I asked as a favor. His words inturupted my thoughts, "So where do you dance?"

"Dance Stars School of Ballet."

"Oh so you're a ballerina?" He said with a smile. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

"Yeah, I guess. But I also sing and play a little guitar."

"Oh really? I play some guitar as well. Do you have one?"

"Yeah. An accoustic. But I don't know what kind."

"That's cool. I like accousitc. It's got a nice mellow sound to it."

"Yeah that's why I like it."

"So you're like Taylor Swift. I say that because you kind of look like her."

"I get that a lot," I said as I giggled a litte.

"So can I tell you something?"


"Since there are two other boys in the house that are single, they might put the moves on you. A lot."

"Haha. I doubt it. Boys don't usually flirt with me."

"Well they will. I mean you're extremely gorgeous. Especially Harry. He's a big flirt. But I wanted to ask if you wanted to go on a date tomorrow night before they started jumping all over you." I couldn't help but laugh.

"I'm not laughing at you asking me out. Just that you think they'll jump on me. But yes. That sounds nice." and I smiled at him. We were at another red light. This time his lips met mine before the light turned back to green.

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