Save me

Aubree finds that her boyfriend Nick hasn't been as faithfull as she thought. In the midst of all her drama she bumps into Niall from one direction and later the rest of the boys. Will she and Niall end up together or will Nick come to win Aubree back? Find out :)


2. That accent, That Smile

As his lips and mine parted I looked over to see Nick walking away. Good for now. I did not want to face him and his cheating face right now. "Umm thanks. For the kiss. I owe you."
"No problem. And you do owe me. That explanation for the kiss I just planted on you," he said in an Irish accent. Whoa, did not notice that before. "Right. Well see that guy over there?" 
"Yeah. Why?" Oh the accent. So cute. 
"Boyfriend. Well ex-boyfriend now. I saw him kissing another girl and when he started to come over here..." 
"Aw I was used to get back at him." 
"No! Well kinda. More like a way to ovoid the conversation we have to have." 
"Well did you see it coming? I mean did you come here to catch him?" 
"No actually I came here to surprise him. I guess the surprise is on me." At this point tears started forming in my eyes. "Hey. He doesn't deserve a surprise as beautiful as you are. And I guess I'm pretty lucky you chose me to plant one on you. Some say it's fate." I giggled a little and he smiled at me. Looking at his smile made me forget where I was and what had just happened. I had never seen a smile like that "So do I get a name?" 
"Oh uh yeah. It's Aubree." 
"Nice to meet you. And kiss you." 
"Nice to kiss you too." there's that smile again. 
"Well I should go have that talk now." 
"Let me know if you need another kiss," he said with a wink. 
"Will do," I said with a smile. Then I took a deep breath and walked towards Nick. 
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