Save me

Aubree finds that her boyfriend Nick hasn't been as faithfull as she thought. In the midst of all her drama she bumps into Niall from one direction and later the rest of the boys. Will she and Niall end up together or will Nick come to win Aubree back? Find out :)


3. Goodbye Nick, Hello Niall

"Okay. Talk now," I managed to say while holding back tears and the urge to punch something. "Can we go somewhere more private."
"Whatever," at least if I did started to cry no one would see. I followed him out into the front where only a couple of people were, who were to distracted making out to notice us. Great. I had to see people making out while having this conversation. "Look. I am so sorry Aubree. You have to understand it was a mistake. A big mistake." 
"Yeah. A mistake you made once before. Remember?" a flashback from last summer finding out through Facebook he was cheating came and went through my mind. " Yes. I do. But please, don't end this." 
"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't."
"You love me. I know you do." He was right. I did. But I couldn't give him the opportunity to cheat again. So what do I do? Lie. 
"I did love you. Past tense." I remembered I was wearing the necklace he gave me with his name on it twisted in gold lettering. I ripped it off my neck. Saw it in movies actually kind of painful in real life. "Goodbye Nick."
"No Aubree. Please. I'm in love with you." That I couldn't take. 
"Don't you dare tell me that. How can you sit there and lie to my face? You're in love with me? Please. If you loved me you wouldn't kiss other girls. I can't believe you." tears started falling down my face and I walked away only to see Niall standing by the door to the house.
"I'm sorry," he said. He actually did look sorry for me. I whipped the tears from my face, "Yeah. Me too."
"What do you have to be sorry about?"
"Actually believing he wouldn't change, that he wouldn't cheat again. I can't believe I was so stupid."
"You're not stupid. You're a human being. A gorgeous one I might add, but that's beside the point. You made a mistake. Everyone does. But it shows that you want to find the good in people. And I think that's really cool." Okay, he's cute, has an accent, funny, and sweet?
"Thanks," I said with a smile. Then his arms opened up for a hug and in the state I was in I thought, "What the hell," and went for it. The hug was warm and actually quite nice. "Do you need a ride home?" He asked as we both pulled away from the hug. 
"Well home is two hours away and I came with my cousin."
"But you don't want to stay. I can tell by the look on your face."
"Yeah. Maybe I should go find him."
"And then you both have a crappy night?"
"How about you come to where I'm staying. In a hotel with a couple lads."
"Uh I don't know."
"I promise I won't kiss you unless you ask me again," he said with an adorable smile. 
"Okay." I returned the smile and sent a quick text to Jeremy
To Jeremy: 
Hey. Long story short, plan back fired. Staying at a friends house. See ya tomorrow
And then we both got into his car and were off, away from the drama, noise, and loud music. 
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