Pen Pal.

Ashley (Ash), is moving to London with her recently divorced father. Ash is 17 years old. She doesn't know anyone there, so she decided to start writing to another boy that lives in London. Once she moves to London, she is dying to meet him. She is very surprised to who she finds. One Direction. Which one does she fall for. What happens when her past bites her in the butt. What about her best friend Alex, she has to fall for one of them too! How does she cope about her dad? And the biggest question, which one of her friends killed him? Read it to find out!


9. Wow

Ashley's P.O.V.

The next morning I woke up feeling like a wreck. I felt so weak, I hadn't had any food, and all the food I've had in the past 24 hours was now making its way down the sewage pipes. My stomach wasn't hurting anymore, I think I was done throwing up around 4am? I felt bad for Alex, every time I would wake up to throw up she would also wake up to pat my back or hold back my hair. I woke her up and told her to go lay in a real bed. She nodded and walked to the bedroom like a zombie. I could smell bacon, and eggs in the kitchen. So I rose up and walked in there. I started to reach for a piece of bacon, until it got slapped away by a pretty muscular hand. I looked up to see Zayn. "Hey! Why can't I have that?" "You just spent all night puking, so you get soup." I gave him a cold stare. I really wanted some bacon. I grabbed my soup and sat down at the table, not too long after I saw Niall walk into the kitchen as well. I smiled at him and he replied with a "Goodmorning." Oh crap. What do I even look like? I pulled out my phone and went to the front camera. I nonchalantly checked myself out. "Ewh." I whispered. "Shut up you look fine." I heard Zayn say. "You look beautiful." Niall said. I couldn't stop smiling. "Thanks." I finally said. It was only eight in the morning. Why was I even up? Niall got his soup and sat down next to me. "Where is Alex?" He asked breaking the silence. "Well she spent the night in the bathroom with me, so this morning I woke her up so she could go lay in bed." "What bed? there is only one in the apartment?" Niall asked. Oh gosh! She was sleeping in the same bed as Harry! I rushed into the bedroom to see if anything was happening. Harry and Alex were both cuddled up next to each other fast asleep. It was really the cutest thing.

A couple hours past. It was now eleven, and Alex and Harry both walked out of the bedroom looking exhausted. "Hey you guys." I said winking at Alex. She threw an extra piece of bacon at me. "Hey you guys, no rough housing!" Louis blurted out. Then Harry play slapped him on the cheek. "That's it!" Louis turned around and flipped Harry off the couch. Harry jumped back up and pushed him down. This went on for about five more minutes until Liam finally broke them up. Liam was definitely the dad of the group. Niall and I were curled up on the couch watching everything happen. I felt so secure wrapped in his arms, he kissed my forehead. I turned around to kiss him on the lips, but my phone interrupted us. It was my dad, I had forgotten to tell him we were staying the night. It doesn't really matter, I am almost 18. He can't control me anymore. "ASHLEY! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!" He sounded angry. "We were out dad." "Well you better come home soon! You should have told me you were gonna be gone all night!" I hung up and told the boys that we had to go. Niall looked upset, same with the other guys. "What are you doing tonight?" Niall asked. "Nothing.." "Well then I will take you out, okay?" I blushed pretty hard. "O..Okay.." "If you want." "Of course I do?!" I smiled. Louis drove me and Alex home. I walked into the house prepared for a nice long lecture about how wrong of me it was to not tell him that I was going to be gone all night. But instead he gave me a long hug and told me to call next time. I was in a state of shock, "Okay? I will.." Why didn't he yell at me? He usually does when I do something wrong. He sounded a lot scarier on the phone. "You are off the hook!" Alex said once we got into my room. "I guess so..? Anyway, what am I going to wear tonight?!" I really never care what I look like, but tonight was different. Niall was taking me out, in public to a nice restaurant, which meant fancy attire. I looked through my closets. Nothing really stood out to me. I didn't have many dresses anyway. "I got something!" Alex screamed. I jumped not expecting her to be that excited. She came back with a dress, which was absolutely gorgeous. "I can't wear this, what if I spill something on it?" "Don't worry, my dad buys me a new one every time I catch him doing the dirty in our pool. Which actually happens a lot.." She shook her head, "Here!" She handed my the stunning dress. I lay it on the bed and ran to shower. I came back into the bedroom and changed into the dress. I went to go see what I looked like but Alex stopped me. "What?" I asked trying to get through her. "First, I need to curl your hair and help you with your make up." I looked at her a little worried. "What?" She asked, "I never get to do this for you, let me get excited about it!" I rolled my eyes, and sat down at my make up table. 

About an hour and a half passed and it was almost time for Niall to pick me up. I was starting to get really nervous. "Done." She said turning me to a full body mirror. I looked at the girl in the mirror, she was short with long curly brown hair. It rested on her left shoulder. Her makeup wasn't over did but enough to tell there was make up on her. The dress she had on completed her look. I took one look to make sure it was really my reflection. "wow." I said, Alex just stood there smiling. "Oooh! Jewelry!" She said scrambling around the room searching for something to match the outfit. She pulled up a diamond necklace and placed it on my neck. "This is my mom's.." "Oh.. I didn't.." I cut her off. "It's okay, it looks good with this dress." I started to get a little teary, but chocked them back. "I think I have a pair of heels to match this." I said walking towards my closet. Just like I thought, I did. They were a beige color, it matched the color of the dress. There was knock on the door. My dad walked over to open it. "Hi.. I am Niall," Niall looked frightened. I don't blame him, my dad's body language can come off as a bit scary. "Hello, I am Bruce." My dad reached out to shake Niall's hand, "That is a nice hand shake you've got there. Ash, Niall is here!" He yelled up the stairs. I started walking down the stairs, I didn't look up because there was a really good chance I would fall. Once I reached the bottom, I slowly looked up to meet Niall's eyes. He was in a white suit, with a black blazer and tie. "You clean up nice." I said wrapping my arm around his. "wow." That was all he could say, that is all I needed him to say."Do I need to wait up?" My dad asked as I started walking away. I shot him a look, he held up his hands in defense, I laughed. "Bye dad, bye Alex." I said closing the door. "Are you ready love?" I nodded and we drove off.

We arrived at a nice restaurant. The host must have known who Niall was, because we were moved to the front of the line and moved to a nice candle lit table. He must have taken a lot of girls here before.. No stop in Ash, focus. "You look absolutely stunning." He said breaking the silence once again. "Hello Niall," Our waiter said smiling at him. "Hi." He said smiling. "This is Ashley," He said pointing his hand at me. "Hi." I said. "You are the first girl he has ever brought." The waiter said. I blushed, and mentally sighed, relieving all of the previous thoughts I had. The waiter walked away, leaving us to talk. "So I am the first?" I said winking at him. "Well, I take my mom every time she comes to visit me." "That is so sweet!" "What would you like to drink?" A voice said interrupting us.

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