Pen Pal.

Ashley (Ash), is moving to London with her recently divorced father. Ash is 17 years old. She doesn't know anyone there, so she decided to start writing to another boy that lives in London. Once she moves to London, she is dying to meet him. She is very surprised to who she finds. One Direction. Which one does she fall for. What happens when her past bites her in the butt. What about her best friend Alex, she has to fall for one of them too! How does she cope about her dad? And the biggest question, which one of her friends killed him? Read it to find out!


10. Truth Be Told

Ashley's P.O.V

We ordered our drink and carried on our conversation. "So what about you and your mum?" Niall asked. "I.." I was interrupted again, but I didn't mind this time. I don't like to talk about my mum. "Are you ready to order?" "I would like a salad, and then the bowl of spaghetti." I ordered the same, even though spaghetti is probably not the most proper thing to order on the first date. Did I just call this our first date? "So you didn't get to entrees this time?" "Not tonight." He said smiling. He must have forgotten all about our earlier conversation. Our food arrived just in time. I stole a piece of the pasta off of his plate. I started slirping it up to my mouth until I noticed Niall had the other end. We met in the middle and shared a romantic kiss. Much like one in 'Lady and the Tramp'. After we paid and left the place, I couldn't have been anymore pleased with my night. We were in the car listening to the radio when 'Gotta Be You' comes on. I started laughing as Niall started fake singing along to the song. I eventually joined in letting my nerdy side come out. Once it was over he was holding my hand. I felt so comfortable with him, like I could tell him anything, so I did. "So," I said indicating that I was about to talk. He turned down the music. "Yeah..?" "Remember how you asked about my mom?" I can't believe I was about to open up to him about this. "Yeah!" He said sounding interested. "I am not allowed to talk to her." He knew this story was going to be emotional, so he pulled into an abandoned parking lot. "Why?" "When I was born she was fine. It is when I was about five, she starting doing drugs." I chocked back some tears so I could tell him everything. "It didn't take her long till she was addicted. Behind my dad's back, she would abuse me. She would hit me, slap me, pull my hair, anything. I remember one day I was standing behind her when she was going on a mad rampage. She turned to me and pushed me pretty hard to the corner of a table. I was knocked out for a while. My dad wasn't home so I had to care for my wound on my own. I was only eight. I probably had a concussion. But I don't know. My mom would blame my bruises from me tripping or being a clutz." I had a tear run down my cheek. Niall wiped it, I could see the hurt in his eyes. "One..One day she was lighting her cigarette. I got in her way. so she rubbed the tip of cigarette on my arm." I lifted up my arm to show him the scar. He got watery eyed. "I didn't.. I didn't know." I shook my head. "It's okay." I cleared my throat so I could finish. "I always thought that it was normal for her to beat me. That is what I grew up to. It was until my mom slapped me in front of my dad. There was a lot of yelling and fighting, but I didn't know what was going on. I remember my mom telling me if I ever told dad she would kill me. So I always kept my mouth shut. My dad couldn't get the story out of me. By this time I was fifteen. I had kept a diary, writing down everything that happened. My dad finally found it and sent the story to the police. My mum was arrested for child abuse and abuse of drugs. About a year later my dad divorced her. The only bad thing about it was, she was bringing in a lot of the income. From her dealing. So we had to sell the house. We lived with my grandma for a long time, until my dad got promoted to manager of the company he works at. That required him to move to London, so here I am." 

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