Pen Pal.

Ashley (Ash), is moving to London with her recently divorced father. Ash is 17 years old. She doesn't know anyone there, so she decided to start writing to another boy that lives in London. Once she moves to London, she is dying to meet him. She is very surprised to who she finds. One Direction. Which one does she fall for. What happens when her past bites her in the butt. What about her best friend Alex, she has to fall for one of them too! How does she cope about her dad? And the biggest question, which one of her friends killed him? Read it to find out!


20. Lies.

Ashley's P.O.V

I was standing in the dark alley my dad was found. There was a man standing there with a shorter boy it looked like? I couldn't make out who it was. My dad was laying in a puddle of blood. I kept staring at there faces, they were shadowy figures, in all black with their hoods up. Who are they? They started walking closer to me, I still couldn't make out their faces, and took the gun and pointed it to my forehead. Right before the chigger was pulled, Niall woke me up. "Good morning babe." He whispered in my ear. I was in total shock. I couldn't say a word, "Are you okay?" "Oh,, Yeah I am fine!" I said snapping out of it. The dream kept replaying in my mind. I walked into the kitchen area of the bungalow where Harry was cooking. Ever since my dad died, he has been real weird around me. Almost like avoiding me? It was almost suspicious. "Good morning everybody." I said sitting down at the table where everyone else was. Alex looked very content. I knew why.. She is in love! I continued to listen to the different conversations. Niall sat next to me with a piece of toast in his hand. We didn't say a word to each other, it was a perfect situation. He had is hand around my shoulder, I held it. I think I was definitely falling hard for this boy. I know he doesn't feel that way but I definitely do. "Hey babe, want to go for a walk?" Niall asked me while standing up. "Yeah, sure!" He has to be at the recording studio in about an hour. So this should be a short walk. We got outside and walked along the sidewalk in a comfortable silence. "Ash, I need to tell you something." He sounded super nervous, which made me nervous. "Okay, shoo." "I love you." He said it. I mean he has said it to me before, but he was falling asleep, so I thought it was just a joke or something. How do I reply to that? "I love you too." I said while standing on my tip toes to kiss him. Did I mention I am freakishly short? Well I am. We kept walking while he interlocked our fingers. 

We got back to the bungalow just in time. Liam was rushing everyone to get ready, of course. Daddy Directioner. His birthday is tomorrow! We need to plan something. We all got into the van and went to the studio. Us girls sat outside of the room where they sang and recorded obviously. It was Niall's solo, so his turn to sing. His voice is angelic. I will cut anybody that says it isn't. Anyway, I sat there and listened to his beautiful voice, then Harry sang which made Alex melt. 

After the long day of recording some new tracks for the next album, we all came back to the bugalow. We sat outside and listened to Niall strum a few cords on his guitar. After the song started to catch on, the boys joined in with harminazation to the song You Found Me by the Fray. It sounded amazing. I sat in Niall's arms, for what felt like forever. We all had our own conversations and what not. That night I couldn't sleep for whatever reason. I heard Harry get out of the bed in the middle of night, I acted asleep as he walked by. He was out of the room for at least fifteen minutes now. I had no idea to what he was doing. I slowly slipped out of the bed trying not to wake up Niall. I walked around the bungalow trying to find him. I heard silent moans coming from the kitchen. I walked in there to see Harry sitting on the ground with a bloody knife in his hand. I couldn't react. So I did the smart thing and put a piece of clothing on the wound and secured it tightly. I picked up the phone and called an ambulance. I hung up the phone and sat down next to Harry. "Why did you do that?" I asked patiently waiting for him to stop crying. He finally pulled up his head. He started mumbling frantically.  "Speak up boy!" "I know who killed your dad" He said really fast. I stopped talking, breathing, blinking, I was frozen. I couldn't even get up to answer the door for the medics. Alex must have heard the door, and sleepily answered it. They moved her out of the way and picked up Harry onto the stretcher. I was still frozen. "Ash! Are you okay?" I heard a familiar voice say. It was Niall. I didn't even look at him, or anyone else in the room. Niall walked over to Harry as they treated the cut. "What happened?" Niall asked sounding panicky. "I did something bad." The ambulance took him to the hospital. 

I was about to pass out. Did Harry really kill my dad? Or did someone else I know?

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