Pen Pal.

Ashley (Ash), is moving to London with her recently divorced father. Ash is 17 years old. She doesn't know anyone there, so she decided to start writing to another boy that lives in London. Once she moves to London, she is dying to meet him. She is very surprised to who she finds. One Direction. Which one does she fall for. What happens when her past bites her in the butt. What about her best friend Alex, she has to fall for one of them too! How does she cope about her dad? And the biggest question, which one of her friends killed him? Read it to find out!


25. Liam's Birthday Dinner.

*A/N* Hey you guys, sorry for the late updates! I have been really busy with cheer and stuff. I am still deciding on a co-author. Let me know if you are interested! Also, I love receiving kiks telling me you like the story and what not! It's really sweet of y'all to do that. Okay back to the story. xx

Ashley's P.O.V

We arrived at 7:15. Fashionably late, no big deal. They were already seated, and when I say they, I mean, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Danielle, Zayn and Perrie. They all matched in outfits, colors at least. Eleanor looking stunning as always was wearing a black floor length dress that only had one strap as well as mine. Danielle stuck with a more simple look, she was in a knee length strapless light pink bouncy dress. Then Perrie was in a knee length black tight dress. She fit in it perfectly. They are all so beautiful, including Alex. How did I fit into this group? I sat in between Niall and Liam. The waitress came up and asked for all of our orders. After, we were waiting for our food to come they all started talking about everything going on in their famous lives. While me and Alex just listened. "So, I have a modeling job in the fall, and I am going to Paris for it." Eleanor said smiling happily. We all congratulated her, except Louis who looked a little down. "Babe you okay?" El asked Louis. "What? Oh yeah. I am fine." He said, I could totally tell he was faking, but I guess El couldn't. "So," I said changing the subject. "Dani, lets talk wedding." I said smiling. "Oh yeah! So I have decided on you girls to be my bridesmaids." She said pointing to us except Alex. I could tell Alex was feeling left out. She immediately stopped listening to our conversation and entered Harry's and Niall's. I felt bad, but I couldn't do anything. It wasn't my wedding. "So, Thursday we are going dress shopping!" Danielle reminded us, she was so excited about this. I couldn't blame her, I have always planned how I wanted my wedding. "Ashley are you listening?" Perrie asked me snapping her fingers at me. A little rude. "Oh, yeah, sorry! I was just thinking." They all stared at me then continued the conversation. "So, I want a traditional white wedding. White doves, white dresses, white walls, white flowers." After she finished and tried to cut a joke. "We better not have any punch spill anywhere." Dani and El both laughed but Perrie, I guess, didn't like it? I was coming off to the impression that she didn't like me. I didn't do anything to her? We all started talking about the new album and how proud we were of the boys. Then we started talking about Danielle's dancing career, El's modeling, and Perrie's little mix. I felt so left out of that because I was just a normal girl from Glasgow. No big famous story to me. Alex either, if anything she was more of a nobody than me. She wasn't the most social person I know. I was her only friend throughout high school. 

After dinner we all parted our ways. Alex and I were dropped off at our house. We stood on the front porch and watched our boy's drive away into the distance. We got into the house and both got dressed into pyjamas. We weren't that tired so we decided to chill on the couch and watch movies. Lucky me, Grease 2 was on! By the end of the movie I was out. Same with Alex. 

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