Pen Pal.

Ashley (Ash), is moving to London with her recently divorced father. Ash is 17 years old. She doesn't know anyone there, so she decided to start writing to another boy that lives in London. Once she moves to London, she is dying to meet him. She is very surprised to who she finds. One Direction. Which one does she fall for. What happens when her past bites her in the butt. What about her best friend Alex, she has to fall for one of them too! How does she cope about her dad? And the biggest question, which one of her friends killed him? Read it to find out!


13. Awkward

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up with Alex curled up right next to me. I don't remember going to sleep last night, but I couldn't have woken up anymore happier and content. "Good morning." I said quietly into her ear. She slowly opened her eyes and stretched out her arms hitting me in the face. Moment ruined. I laughed, "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" "It is okay, how did you sleep?" I asked rubbing my nose. "Perfect." She smiled, which made me smile. "Breakfast?" I asked. "I want to cook it! Breakfast is the only thing I know how to make." She said jumping up and heading towards the kitchen. "Unless you want to help?" I nodded and walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her. "What do you want?" She asked turning around wrapping her arms around my neck. "Pancakes?" She nodded kissing my cheek. I love how she was taking things slowly, it made me feel more confident around her. She was trying to reach a pan on the top shelf, I watched her struggle until I reached right behind her and got it. She blushed and I laughed a little. "You're short." I teased. "Shut up." She said smiling. She knew exactly what she was doing, I really didn't need to help at all. She had a little trouble flipping them, she dropped the first one on the floor. "I got this." I said while she moved out of the way. Too mine and Alex's surprise, I flipped them pretty high into the air. I gave her a smirk when flipping one of them, I wasn't paying attention and the pancake landed on my head. She laughed really hard. So I took the pancake mix and put it on her head. She dropped her smile and created a perfect circle with her mouth. "Oops," I said shrugging my shoulders. She took on the challenge by taking the syrup and pouring it on my torso. I took some flour and flicked it onto her face. She took the orange juice and poured it on the top of my head. "Okay! Fine you win, I surrender." I said waving my arms around. We both took one pancake and sat down at the table drenched in food and drink. Once we finished we walked outside of the apartment, took the hose and cleaned each other off. We also had a mini water fight. "I have a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt you can wear!" I suggested since she was not going to want to stay in those clothes. "Please!" I went into my bedroom and got the clothes. "Here," I said handing her the outfit. She started changing right in front of me. She obviously didn't care or have insecurities. Which she shouldn't she has an amazing body. I stood there staring, I couldn't help it. She acted like it was no big deal, I guess she trusted that I wouldn't pull anything, which I didn't. No matter how hard it was!


Alex's P.O.V

I completely trusted Harry, so I didn't mind that he was in the room when I started changing. I could feel him staring at me, which was kind of the plan. I had put the sweats on when Louis barged into the apartment like it was his. I quickly ran behind Harry rushing to put the shirt on. "Oh my.. I am soo. I am sorry!" He pleaded blocking his eyes. "What do you need?!" Harry demanded, "I just came to hang, I didn't know you had company.." He sounded sorry. "It's okay mate, just knock next time." Harry said patting his back. "Okay, but I didn't know I was interrupting." He said nudging Harry's arm. "Nahh, she just needed a change of clothes." He said sounding completely serious. Louis just rolled his eyes and plopped down on the couch making himself at home. Harry shrugged his shoulders and sat right next to them. Okay then.. I thought. Ash: 'Girl where are you? Did you die?!'  I replied almost instantly, To Ash: 'No I am okay, I will be home in about an hour! x' I sat in between Harry and Louis. "Hey Harry, I am going to need a ride home soon," He looked a little upset but nodded. We got into Harry's car and started our way to Ashley's. He stayed quiet the whole car, except for the occasional sing alongs. He walked me up to the door and told me goodbye. Then unexpectedly he pressed his lips against mine. I kissed him back and took in the moment. He let go and whispered to me, "I can't wait to see you again." That means there will be a second date! I nodded excitedly and walked inside falling to the ground taking in what all just happened! "AHH! She lives. How was it?" Ash asked running up to me. "Perfect." 


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