Pen Pal.

Ashley (Ash), is moving to London with her recently divorced father. Ash is 17 years old. She doesn't know anyone there, so she decided to start writing to another boy that lives in London. Once she moves to London, she is dying to meet him. She is very surprised to who she finds. One Direction. Which one does she fall for. What happens when her past bites her in the butt. What about her best friend Alex, she has to fall for one of them too! How does she cope about her dad? And the biggest question, which one of her friends killed him? Read it to find out!


14. Are you kidding me.?

Harry's P.O.V

So,  that was a really good date. I still can't believe she can be that perfect. That is why this is so hard. I need to tell her my ex. Felicity. I need to tell her before I ruin everything between us, my thoughts were interrupted by Louis. "Hey mate, you okay?" He must have noticed my sudden change in emotion. "Wha-" "What is wrong?" He interrupted again. I just stared at him, "Nothing," I replied with a fake smile. "Okay, now really tell me what is bugging you, because it sure as hell is not nothing." Oh Louis, he can tell when anything is wrong with anybody, he must have mind reading powers. "Well if you must know everything, Felicity." He just stared at me, I looked down at the ground feeling his stare go through my forehead. "What?" I asked agitated. "Really, Felicity? I thought you were totally over her?" Louis asked surprisingly calmly. "I am, I think. I mean I have Alex who is amazing. But me and Felicity have been secretly meeting up.." "You didn't." I kept my eyes locked on the ground holding back tears that were soon to come. Just the thought of hurting Alex killed me inside. I have never had these kind of feelings for a girl I have barely known. That is when I started to whimper. Louis came up next to me as he put his arm around my shoulder. I lifted my head up from my hands, "She is preg-" I couldn't finish, I was too upset to speak. "Are you sure it's yours?" Louis asked trying to reassure me. "She says there is another guy but I am not sure." My phone started to ring. It was Alex. I couldn't answer it with me in hysterics. I just sat there and watched it ring. Louis finally picked it up and answered it. "Hello? No Harry is in the loo. I will, bye Alex." He hung up and looked at me. "She wants you to call her back and that she had a nice time last night."  I didn't reply to what he told me I just got up and walked into my bedroom.

Alex's P.O.V

I got a text from Hazza;) : "Can we meet up? I need to talk to you about something. " To Hazza;): "Yeah, meet me at Starbucks?" I knew where the Starbucks was because of my Starbucks app. I followed the directions and pulled up almost exactly when Harry did. I got out of the car and ran over to give him a hug. When I did I felt him tense up. I dropped my smile slightly and we walked in. We both ordered a cappuccino and sat down in the back corner. "So, what do you want to talk to me about?" I asked a little worried. "I know we have only been on one date and it was amazing. You are amazing." I started to mentally panic, this is how all things that are going to end start. "My ex girlfriend, Felicity and I have been hanging out a lot. Well, she has turned out to be pregnant." By this time I wasn't mad, or upset. I felt conflicted, I didn't know how to feel. "Okay," I said, "Well, I don't know if it is my baby, there is this other guy who was around the same time." "Slut.." I mumbled. "What?" He asked clearly not hearing me, "Nothing, go on." "I am so sorry Alex." Now I was confused. Why is he sorry for having sex with a girl before he met me? "Wait, you are sorry for possibly impregnating a girl which happened before you met me?" He nodded. I couldn't help but let out a slight chuckle. "Well, it's not like we are dating.." Why did I just say that.. He just shook his head. 

*A/N* Sorry for the short chapter, I am having a little bit of writers block! I promise to post 3 or 4 chapters tonight!

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