Stole My Summer.

When a girl named Meggan is forced to go on vacation to cuba with her family when her cousin Niall become a bigstar little does she know that the fame would get her. Will she ever be able to focus on her Summer? or will every freedom that she ever knew will be stolen? Will she be overwhelmed over the fame?


1. The Irish Girl

Usually when you picture someone rich your ideal thought is perfect hair, perfect clothing and houses that look like the've been renavated everyweek. Not my case at all, Yes Im rich,Yes I would like to have that perfect dirty blonde hair but I dont at all. My Father likes to save money so we can go on those perfect family vacations with my cousins that I never see anymore. My dad's taking me to Mexico with my cousin's. My faviorate cousin is Niall because when we were little we used to call each other bestfriends,He's like the sibling I never had. Niall is in a band known worldwide as One direction, I never met the band before it must be pretty exciting traveling across the world Niall told me next time he was on tour he would bring me with him. Let me tell you something everybody hates me im disliked I have 1 friend named Hailie, maybe its because im shy but honestly if anybody knew that Niall was my cousin i'd probably be more popular then Jenna. As I put my Converse hitting school for the last day I walked into class being pointed by those millons of girls I shoved my head towards my locker. I just wanted this day to end so I can go on vacation and talk to no one. As the day was finsh I left from school being the happiest person alive as I saw him waiting in the office I could'nt belive it, it was him Niall.

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