Striker Fight

In Striker's world, everything is perfect. He gets everything he wants, when he wants. But in the Forbidden Human world, chaos arises, and so Striker must join a new super-human army force to stop the chaos before it reaches Zikansat, the perfect world where Striker lives. But as Striker fights for the the other world, he learns that Zikansat isnt as great as he thinks, and how the humans live better lives.


2. The Lighthouse

As the wind howled mercilessly in Striker's ear up in the lighthouse, he thought back to the scene on the street. Shortly after Martisha's departure, Striker had attempted to climb over the sea wall, only to be flashed by the bright-white torch light of the Difopods. The Difopod that had turned up was a new recruit; Striker knew this by the way the Diffie turned his nose up at him and averted his gaze, refusing to look at Striker, who had left his shirt on the beach. Striker rolled his eyes as he listened to the same speech the Difopods reeled off at an arrest; kinda like what policemen said on Earth.

"You shouldn't be out here sir. Do you know why not?"

Striker rolled his eyes alarmingly, causing the Difopod to step back a little, startled. As he reeled off the excuse Striker used everytime he got arrested, he grinned at the Diffie; the large mans face had turned a tremendous shade of purple.

Striker purposefully avoided answering a Difopod's question because he loved annoying them. Striker knew just how to push their buttons so that they would let him off with just a warning on his Patrol Time card. The Patrol Time card got stamped after every warning, and too many warnings resulted in a punishment. Everybody had one.

Startled again, the Difopod shook his fist fiercely in Striker's face. "Sir, as you may have guessed, I am extremely new to this line of work and to be quite honest I don't really know what I'm doing. I need you to co-operate sensibly. Now, do you want to answer my question and give me your Patrol Time card, and I'll go easy on you , or shall I just give you the list of punishments?"

But no way was Striker answering that question. He was too busy thinking of a question of his own.

"What do you mean you don't know what you're doing'?"

The Difopod looked alarmed at the sudden change of topic. He stammered a little. "I-I never said... What I m-meant was... Answer my question!"

Striker persisted. "Why would they let you out on the streets if you don't know what you're doing? The Law HQ would never allow it!"

Sighing, the Diffie whispered, "I wasn't appointed by the Law HQ. Another official gave me my badge." The Diffie laughed humourlessly. "An unofficial official..." He murmured. Suddenly he shook himself. "Look, you never heard anything tonight. And I'll pretend I never saw anything. Now go." Without a word, the Difopod closed his eyes and floated gracefully into the air before fading into the night sky just as Martisha had.

Striker began to tiptoe towards a small shelter across the street so that he could take cover until all of the Difopods lights had gone out, when a strong hand grasped his shoulder. Striker squeaked, then cursed himself for being such a girl. It wasn't a monster, it was just a ghost. Striker laughed when he thought that.

"Where do you think you're going?" A low, female voice boomed out, echoing across the cobblestones.

Striker turned round. "Hi Cassandra." He cooed sweetly. "How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks. Well, I was, until I saw you out here. I thought you were going to stay out of trouble?" Cassandra shook her head dissaprovingly.

Before Cassandra had become a Difopod, she had been Striker's counsellor, as he was pretty messed up mentally from the car crash, and for weeks after he arrived on Zikansat  he kept having sudden dangerous fits where his brain went into shock. Cassandra had been there to help him get through the scarring memories, and again when Striker had gone bad ways and kept getting into trouble. She worried about Striker as if he was one of her own children, and couldn't help thinking that his new counsellor Denour wasn't keeping him out of trouble as he should be.

Striker loved Cassandra equally as much, despite his hate for the Law and the Difopods. She had been the one to help him come to terms with the fact that he couldn't float and fade.

"I can't let you go Striker. I'm going to have to send you up to the lighthouse- and I'll need to have a word with the Difopod that didn't even stamp your card." She glared at the sky angrily.

"Please Cass, I've been really good these past few weeks. Martish-"

"You and your little girlfriends! I can never keep up with you. So is she 'the one'?" Cassandra laughed heartily. "You said that about Grika."

Striker glared at her. He knew he was fighting a losing battle. "Whatever. Just get me up the lighthouse. Let's get this over with. I didn't know you were such a stern Diffie."

Cassandra  reached out and stroked his face gently. "Oh honey..." She murmured. "Come on. And don't call me a Diffie. I hate that nickname." She grabbed his hand, and together, the two fled, their feet pattering on the cobblestones as they ran.

Striker's mind was going crazy as he thought about what the strange, new Difopod had said. The Law HQ had to watch over the whole planet. They wouldn't slip up like this. They couldn't.




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