The Forbidden Attic

'Evangeline Morley was a fairly ordinary young girl. there was nothing particularly unusual about her.'

When Evangeline Morley discovers a locked room in the top floor of her grandmother's house, she knows that things are about to get spooky. Little does she know, she is about to embark on a perilous quest to avenge her mother's death, encountering some of the most dangerous species on the planet. Will she reach her final destination and get revenge on those who murdered her mother?


1. Prologue

`The shrill scream of a fearful child lingered in the cool, crisp air as a final explosion left many startled villagers clinging on to their last few seconds of life before death would engulf them in its menacing grasp. Flames licked the sky as rows of thatched buildings were set alight by the malevolent rebels who enjoyed every second of the villagers' terror. The raging rebellion had lasted several days now, and by no means was it going to come to an end any time soon. The mob of hooded figures had no mercy for the poor villagers of Orphillius who had lost so much already; their homes, their most treasured possesions, their families. Thousands of innocent lives had been crushed and the future of the village looked dismal.Distressed faces lined the streets, begging for peace, but the rebels wouldn't listen to their desperate cries. Instead, they simply chucked gas canisters into the pleading crowds, not concerned in the slightest.

Large groups of people dropped dead. Screams escape dthe victims.All fell silent. The riot leader dropped his hood and revealed his true identity. His toffee-coloured hair fell down to his waist and his amber eyes glinted ruthlessly in the eerie orange glow of the streetlamps. It was none other than Marcus Beedlewick, the notorious ruler of the evil Hellseekers, an organisationof cruel, heartless individuals from across the globe who were intent on taking over the world. he cleared his throat with an elaborate cough.

"Listen up you filthy pests. My comrades and I have caused a lot of destruction in this precious little village you like to call Orphillius." he spoke slowly, spitting the words in hatred and relishing the feeling of power, "As you should already know, we have seized your community and now have complete power over you all. Now raise your hands above your heads, you repulsive bunch of vermin!" Everybody dropped their weapons and raised their scarred arms above their heads, not wishing to stir up any trouble. "That's better," snarled the sinister character before them, "Comrades. Fire at will."

The next few minutes were complete chaos. The traumatised screams were only just audible above the constant roar of gunfire.The ground was covered in a thick carpet of scarlet-red blood and everywhere you looked there were bloody corpses, staring into space with empty, lifeless eyes. the village had been fully demolished and all that remained amongst the rubble was the herd of joyous Hellseekers, cheering heartily of their victory and a tall, towering church with smashed stained-glass windows. Orphillius had been captured.

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