The Forbidden Attic

'Evangeline Morley was a fairly ordinary young girl. there was nothing particularly unusual about her.'

When Evangeline Morley discovers a locked room in the top floor of her grandmother's house, she knows that things are about to get spooky. Little does she know, she is about to embark on a perilous quest to avenge her mother's death, encountering some of the most dangerous species on the planet. Will she reach her final destination and get revenge on those who murdered her mother?


3. Nightmares

Evangeline awoke to the entrancing smell of cinnamon and vanilla. She hopped out of bed, danced down the stairs and followed the scent into the kitchen. Grandma Maureen stood over the hob wearing a pearly pink nightdress and a pair of lilac slippers, and on hearing Evangeline's arrival, she turned on her heel (she was amazingly agile for a woman of her age) and smiled a huge wrinkly grin that revealed a set of ice-white dentures.

"Hello darling," she said with a childish twinkle in her voice, "how was your night?". Evangeline paced over to stand next to her grandma and hesitated a moment. Her night had not been particularly enjoyable, but she'd experienced worse. It was always the same nightmare that would cause her to wake up with her heart hammering violently against her ribcage and her face dripping with sweat. It never changed and it never went away, and even during daylight it would continue to haunt her no matter how hard she would try to forget. The slightest sound would remind her of the high-pitched scream of mercy that belonged to her mother and any bright lights would remind her of the blinding green flash that was the last sight poor Evangeline ever saw before her mother... There was no escaping the facts, though. Grandma Maureen would find out sooner or later if she lied, so she settled with a simple,

"It wasn't great." and immediately changed the subject to avoid further questioning. "Something smells nice, what's for breakfast?". Grandma Maureen knew better than to dig for answers as she, too, had many secrets that she was not willing to share, and so she went along with the subject change and began serving food onto two separate plates.

"Cinnamon pancakes! Be a dear and pass me the maple syrup would you, love?" Evangeline reached over and passed an ornate jug of syrup to her grandma and went to sit at the dining room table. She began tracing the patterns on the tablecloth with her fingers to try and distract her mind from the nightmares. She knew it wouldn't work but it was worth a try. Anything to avoid the terrible feeling that constantly loomed over her. Anything to make it go away.

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