The Forbidden Attic

'Evangeline Morley was a fairly ordinary young girl. there was nothing particularly unusual about her.'

When Evangeline Morley discovers a locked room in the top floor of her grandmother's house, she knows that things are about to get spooky. Little does she know, she is about to embark on a perilous quest to avenge her mother's death, encountering some of the most dangerous species on the planet. Will she reach her final destination and get revenge on those who murdered her mother?


4. Mysterious Meeting

Later that day, Evangeline was sitting on the couch and daydreaming when Grandma Maureen interrupted her train of thought.

"Evangeline, I'm just going to nip out and meet someone, will you be okay on your own for a few hours?" she asked. Evangeline became suspicious. She hated not knowing things.

"Who?" she pryed, desperate to know who her grandma would want to see at this time of day? It was almost time for her bingo sessions- something she wouldn't miss for the world! What could possibly be more important than that?!

"Oh, it's just an old friend of mine. We have some very serious business to discuss. I realise I'm going to miss bingo but this is very sudden news- I would have arranged it for another time if I'd have known. I'm going to be late if I don't hurry, is this definitely okay with you, sweetie?" Evangeline was even more suspicious now. What was 'serious business' and who was this 'old friend'? More questions had been raised that answered. This needed more digging. 'Later,' thought Evangeline. She wouldn't want her grandma to be late to whatever this meeting was. She sure hoped it wasn't a date. She could do without some old man trying to snoop into her private life. She shuddered at the thought, and then nodded in answer to Grandma Maureen's question. The digging would begin as soon as she was alone...

Slam! The door was closed. The snooping could begin. First stop- Grandma Maureen's bedroom! She ran up the stairs and stepped inside the lilac room that belonged to her grandma. She breathed in. It smelt of her favourite perfume- a blend of lavender, roses and honeysuckle. Anyway, there was no time for smelling things. This was proper detective's work and needed full attention. She walked over to the huge chest of drawers on the left-hand-side of the bed. Surely there would be some clues in there. Evangeline pulled open the drawers one-by-one, being careful not to leave any signs that she had been there. Grandma Maureen would not approve of snoopers. In the first drawer, there was just an odd sock and a few spare buttons. In the second, there was a purse, a perfume bottle and a pink highlighter. In the third, however, there was a faded photograph of Evangeline's parents. They were holding hands and they looked genuinely happy. This must have been taken before the Hellseekers came. Before the huge wave of  misery sweeped across the land and engulfed the innocent lives of many, including Mr and Mrs Morley. Oh how Evangeline hated their guts. She would do anything to have them destroyed, just like they once did to her parents.

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