The Forbidden Attic

'Evangeline Morley was a fairly ordinary young girl. there was nothing particularly unusual about her.'

When Evangeline Morley discovers a locked room in the top floor of her grandmother's house, she knows that things are about to get spooky. Little does she know, she is about to embark on a perilous quest to avenge her mother's death, encountering some of the most dangerous species on the planet. Will she reach her final destination and get revenge on those who murdered her mother?


2. Grandma Maureen

Evangeline Morley was a fairly ordinary young girl. There was nothing particularly unusual about her. She had blonde hair that fell in soft, delicate waves down to her shoulders and sapphire blue eyes that twinkled whenever she smiled. She lived in an ordinary village and attended the local comprehensive school, Whirlyville Park. She had a close gang of friends and fitted in nicely with everyone wherever she went. Perhaps the only peculiar thing about her life was Grandma Maureen.

Grandma Maureen was a quirky old lady with greying hair and a walking cane for support. Her eyes were the colour of a stormy ocean and held many secrets and mysteries that were just waiting to be discovered. Evangeline had always thought there was something particularly strange about her grandma- something that would hopefully become apparent very soon. She had always hated unknown secrets, which made Grandma Maureen very frustrating. Everything about her was secret and mysterious. The way she always spoke in riddles as though disguising something dark and evil. The way she never answered questions with straightforward replies, but instead just gave vague, ambiguous answers. Even the way she looked, with her peculiar fashion sense and stooping, hobbled walk. All of this made Evangeline feel quite uncomfortable, but of course, she could never forget the true reason that she had ended up living with her grandma in the first place.

On the night of Evangeline's 2nd birthday, her mother had died. Nobody knew how. It was one of life's biggest mysteries. She had been a truly valued member of the village society and everyone had respected her with all their hearts. Many have tried guessing the cause of her death, with little success. Some say she was murdered by Mrs Hilda, a large woman who worked at the bakery who had never seemed to like Mrs Morley and her daughter. Others believe that she ventured out into the forest and was captured by the Hellseekers. Some rumours have even stated that she commited suicide, although those who believe that must surely be out of their minds, for Mrs Morley always seemed so happy and jolly; never would one see a frown resting upon her face. Shortly after this tragic incident, Mr Morley (Evangeline's father) went crazy. He turned to drinking and eventually depression got the better of him. He wandered outside late at night and was never seen again. Another mystery.

Of course, the social services were concerned for Evangeline. They declared that unless a family member was willing to take her in, she would have to be taken to a foster home. Her Uncle Jim said no. Her Cousin Matty said no. Her Great-great-great-great grandfather said no (before he shortly died of old age). But Grandma Maureen? She was the only one who said yes. And so, to this very day, Grandma Maureen has looked after the orphaned child, and it was because of this that no matter how strange she may have seemed, Evangeline loved her.


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