Dear Papa

bout a girl who always write for her father but she never try send to any address, because she dont know the address.


1. I miss you

Dear Papa

How are you? hope you fine and miss me or perhaps you on keeping trying find me. I m never blame you or hate you even you leave us when we need you.  Well i know papa , mama not love you is the real thing that i know. But  i m afraid to know that i was born without love.Please if you meet me, don't tell something that i don't want hear.


Dear Papa,

At school , there is an event . And all my  friend take their family. I m ok although  mama insist don't want come with me. And i come alone. I m crying , Papa. You not here with me.  I m so jealous with all my friend at school . They are so perfect come with their parents. Why i just come alone without anyone?


please come papa, you don't know  so much i need you here. just for me.


I m taking long breath , try hard not crying after wrote it.  Mama look boring with her remote. She watching about gossip celebrities never stop and always find sensation.  My parents has divorce a long time ago. My mama said they separated when i was two years old.

I have a lot of paper of letter that i want send to Papa but i don't know how to send it. We live in small apartment, well we call it kost . It just a small room and we should share with another people for bathroom. I try to not complaining. This is life and i know that.

i am googling my eyes cant believe what i see. In the front of my book, i see some competition writing short story and the winner  will going to Jakarta. Jakarta!!  My mama said that perhaps papa still live in Jakarta.  Its a key for a starting a great holiday and find Papa without thinking that mama will not permit me going. But i should to trying right?

















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