Please, Don't fall in love with me.

This is a story about a girl who has a secret. This secret makes it hard for her to fall in love with anyone, or have anyone fall in love with her. She is always the quiet girl in class, and doesn't have many friends. Until Harry Styles walks into her life. She warns him not to fall in love with her, but he does it anyway.


5. The Perfect Night..

Abby's Pov: I was rolling and rolling until i rolled right out the bed, onto my face, yeah that was gonna hurt in the morning. I checked my alarm clock on my stand. "Uh Oh" i muttered. It was 7:30, and i still wasn't ready. I quickly jumped into the shower, and picked out a tight dark blue dress to wear. I slipped it on and went to my make-up table. I decided to wear some black eyeliner and dark pink lip gloss. Then i went to my mirror. "Hmm.." after a good 10 min. of battling with myself I left my hair down. I had natural waves, that was the only thing i liked about my hair. Then i heard a knock on the door.

Harry's Pov: I was standing outside with some red roses in my hands. Just then a small girl opened the door and a pair of blue eyes stared at me. "Umm Hi.." she said kind of nervously. "Hello Love" I gave her a small kiss on the cheek. "These are for you" I said, and handed her the roses. "Oh, they're beautiful.. Come on in and have a seat, I'm just going to put these the some water" she said. I walked over to the bright orange sofa. Then for the first time this night I absorbed her beauty. She was absolutely stunning and I meant that. Her curves were perfect for that blue dress she was wearing. Then I got an idea. A good idea.

Abby's Pov: "Abby." I heard a cute accent. "Yes?" I said. "How would you like to just stay here tonight, maybe watch some movies?" I was a bit shocked on why he wanted to do this but i agreed anyway. I was also kind of bummed out.. I wonder if it's because he didn't like the way I looked. Right at that moment I became self-conscious. "Sure let me just change." I turned for my room. "Take your time love." I walked into my room and closed my door. "What is going on?" I whispered. I shook my head and walked over to my closet. I really need to clean my closet, but some other time. I picked out some black Holister sweats and a tight shirt with dora on the front. I walked out my room.

Harry's Pov: This will be perfect, I thought to myself. I can really be myself without fans coming up to us or the paparazzi following us. I kicked my shoes off. "So which movie do you wanna watch?" I heard Abby say. "Do you have Love Actually?" I said. "Of course that's my favorite movie." "Mine to." I stared into her blue eyes until she turned her head away, I could have sworn I saw her blush. She then turned all the lights off. It was a bit dark and the light from the tv hadn't turned on yet. I tripped and fell, I heard a small laugh on the other side of the room. I got up and we both laughed for a while, then the light from the tv shined. I sat on the couch next to her. "Your eyes are really pretty" I said. "Your face is really pretty too." I laughed. "I mean.." she said. Then she turned her head away. I turned her head around, slowly. Then I leaned in to kiss her.

Abby's Pov: What is he doing?? Omg he's leaning in!!!! "Harry, stop." "I'm sorry, I.. I thought you wanted you." "No, I don't." "Why?" he asked. This is the part where the guys start to hate me. He wants to know why. "I'm sorry I can't do this." I walked over to the window. It was raining and I mean bad. I didn't want him to go home in this weather. I felt a presence behind me. "Do you want me to leave then?" God, does he have to put his hot breath on my neck! "No you can have my bed, I'm not letting you go home in this weather." "Don't be silly I'll sleep on the couch." "No you won't." I ran over to the couch and buried my head in the pillows. "Haha" I said. "Abby don't be silly." "I'm not!" "Ok." Then it was silent. I looked up 15 minutes later and he was gone. "Wow.. I didn't think he would give up THAT easily." I whispered. Ughh! I hit the pillow then I drifted asleep. 

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