Please, Don't fall in love with me.

This is a story about a girl who has a secret. This secret makes it hard for her to fall in love with anyone, or have anyone fall in love with her. She is always the quiet girl in class, and doesn't have many friends. Until Harry Styles walks into her life. She warns him not to fall in love with her, but he does it anyway.


3. Settling In

Abagail's Pov: We hopped out the taxi and stepped outside. Of course it's raining, i thought but didn't say out loud. "You coming Abby?" I looked up and saw Liz making her way to the Hotel doors. I quickly caught up. We checked in and made our way to the elevator. "Wow' I said as i opened the door to the house. "Oh i know right, it's beautiful" said Liz. She was walking down the hall. "Well aren't you coming?" i asked. "No we have different rooms, but don't worry we'll be a few doors away from each other". Then she turned away. I closed my door. "This is soo pretty". I always had a thing for hotels. Their just so classy. I started to unpack when my i heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and found a smiling Liz. "Well are you gonna let me in?" she said. I gestured for her to come in. "Umm Liz, you know that car ride took a good couple hours and now i would really like to sleep" "Oh i know i won't be long i just wanted to talk about what happened at the airport since you were silent the whole way here" "Look i really don't want to talk about" I started to push her out the door. "This could be really good publicity! Do you know who that was?" "Yes, I do, I don't live under a rock ok?" i said and slammed the door. 

I woke up to screaming girls and a loud bang on the door. I jumped up and opened the door. Were my eyes playing tricks on me or am i really looking at One Direction. WAIT, one direction i thought. Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and what was the other one? I looked up and saw a pair of green eyes, "Oh Harry" i accidently said out loud. "Found ya" he said with his cheeky grin. "Hi my name is Liam, this is-" "I know who you guys are" i said sounding a bit harsh. "Ok well we have a lot of screaming girls behind us and we were wondering if we could possibly stay here for a few hours" he said. I almost said no until Harry spoke up. "Oh come on, what is we die, then you'll feel really bad you didn't help us. Wow. With out thinking i said "Yes". Right then 5 boys walked into my room. Wait did i really just say that? As i turned to say something i saw niall in the kitchen, liam on the couch, zayn on the balcony, louis on the phone, and harry.. standing right next to me. "Umm can I help you?" "Nope, just enjoying the view." Ughhh. Did i mention how he was staring me up and down, again?! These are going to be the longest hours of my life.

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