Please, Don't fall in love with me.

This is a story about a girl who has a secret. This secret makes it hard for her to fall in love with anyone, or have anyone fall in love with her. She is always the quiet girl in class, and doesn't have many friends. Until Harry Styles walks into her life. She warns him not to fall in love with her, but he does it anyway.


1. On our way

 Abagail's POV: I woke up to the sound of cars honking their horns, everyday is rush hour in New York. "Breakfast is ready Abby". I rolled out of bed right on to the hard wooden floor. "Coming" I yelled.  I walked straight to my mirror, check my hair (boy did i look a mess) and went into the kitchen. "Morning dad" "Morning Abby" said my dad. I grabbed four pancakes, bacon, eggs, grapes, and some orange juice. My dad glanced at my plate. "I don't know how you eat that much and your still so skinny". I laughed, "Guess im just special like that." It took me about 10 minutes to Finnish eating. I ran up to my room and put on a red tank top, a leather jacket, black jeans, and some buckle boots. "Yep, I look good" I said. Next I went to my makeup table and but on some blackeyeliner, red lipstick, and flat ironed my long brown hair. Today i felt daring. I started packing all of my clothes into my suitcases, well not really packing more like throwing. 

   After I was done I laid across my bed, right when i closed my eyes my phone rang. It's Elizabeth. "Hi Elizabeth." "Hello Abby, and what did I tell you, call me Liz." "Right sorry Liz." "Anyway I'll be waiting for you at the airport, don't be late." "Got it." I pressed end. I sighed. I really wish I could share this with someone, besides my dad. I'm not "The Popular Girl" in school so I don't have many friends. And all the guys only wanted me for my looks. I hopped off my bed and started to drag my suitcases down the stairs. "bye dad" I yelled trying to go out the door. "not without giving me a hug first" he hugged me. "your mom would be so proud" I saw the tears in his eyes. Here we go again. "Whoa Dad, im just going to London, grandma will be there chill." I said. My dad loaded all of my suitcases in the taxi. The car started moving. "I love you dad" I yelled. I looked at his lips and saw him mouth, "I love you to Abby."

  I got out the taxi and searched for Lizzie. We got on the plane, 1st class. My modeling helped pay for this trip. That's pretty much why I'm taking this trip, and because of another reason.  I checked my on twitter. "On my way to England!" My friend Nina, commented. "You're so lucky, text me a lot." she said. "will do" I tweeted. I went on my iPhone to check my messages. I got a text my dad telling me to be careful. *I will dad* I replied. Then I put my phone back into my purse."Attention passengers we will be taking off in 3, 2, 1" announced the captain. The plane took off and i closed my eyes.

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