Please, Don't fall in love with me.

This is a story about a girl who has a secret. This secret makes it hard for her to fall in love with anyone, or have anyone fall in love with her. She is always the quiet girl in class, and doesn't have many friends. Until Harry Styles walks into her life. She warns him not to fall in love with her, but he does it anyway.


2. Meeting New People

 Abagail's Pov: We had about one or two stops, but we were finally here. The plane stopped, Liz and I walked off with all of our luggage in our hands. I was looking for a taxi, when suddenly i fell to the ground. I opened my eyes and looked at Liz who was snapping photos instead of helping me. "Let me help you" i heard a British voice say. Then i looked directly up, right on top me, there was a boy with curly hair and green eyes, it was Harry Styles. "umm, can you like get off of me?" i asked. "Yeah, sorry" he quickly got up. "Here". He lifted me off the floor with one hand. "Umm thanks" I looked to the ground all of my personal things and his things we on the floor. "Oh" i said and started throwing stuff into my suitcase. He did the same. "Well thanks for everything but i, i mean we should get going" I glanced at Liz who was still snapping photos. "Of course" he laughed. "Just one question, will you go on a date with me?" "no" I said. "Great so I'll pick you up at 8, wait did you say no?" "umm ya n-o" "Can i ask why?" he said. They always wanted to know why."because I'm on a trip for work." Then just like that i walked away. "What's your name?" I heard him yell. "Abagail" I yelled back. WHYYYYY did I just do that. I started to walk faster. He yelled something else, but I didn't hear him. Then I jumped into the taxi.

Harry's Pov: I was talking on my phone when something hit me. I looked down and saw a girl with wavy long black hair, she had the most beautiful face I ever seen."Let me help you" I saw her blue eyes look up. That was different. "umm, can you get off of me?" she asked. Her voice was loud, and demanding. Yet she looked, so fragile. "Yeah, sorry" i got up. "Here". I lifted her up. "Umm thanks" she said. I looked to the ground the noticed our things were mixed up together.  "Oh" i heard her say. She started to pick her things up so i did the same. "Well thanks for everything but i, i mean we should get going " she said. I was completely lost in her beauty, then i snapped out of it. I then noticed a girl by her snapping pics. "Of course" i laughed. There could be a chance i will never see her again so here i go. "Just one question, will you go on a date with me?" I asked. "no" she said " Great so I'll pick you up at 8, wait did you just say no? "umm ya n-o" she said. I was confused, I've never been turned down before. Maybe she didn't know who i was. "Can i ask why?" "because im on a trip for work" was her answer. Then she walked away. "What's your name?" i yelled. "Abagail" she yelled back. Hmm, Abagail not a bad name for a girl. I saw that she was walking away again and without thinking I shouted "I'll get that date Abagail". She laughed and turned away again. I probably looked like a creep. I got a lot of stares, this will probably even be on the news tomorrow but i don't care because that girl, i mean Abagail, is mine. 

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