<3 one shot <3

Nicola gets 1 shot to go out with Luke


3. his words


I heard him walking closer to the room. He was trying to be quiet, but it was a bit hard for him as I heard his every step. I felt his hands wrap around my torso I smiled and turned around slowly. I stood up on the couch and flung my arms around his neck and kissed his lips.  “I’ve missed you beautiful,” he tried whispering in my ear but it didn’t work. I smiled and whispered back. “I missed you too so much,”

I still had my arms wrapped around his neck; I pulled down on him, trying to get him to fall onto the couch with me. I finally got his whole body onto the couch. We laughed for ages and Luke put his head on my chest. After a few minutes I could hear Luke sleeping. I smiled and continued to watch the videos. Once I finished watching most of the videos I turned the television on and started to watch 17 again. Half way through the movie Luke woke up rubbing his eyes and gave me a small but adorable smile. Luke got up from the couch and walked over to the window.


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