the bad egg

friend. noun.
a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

It wasn't my case. Whether my "friend" liked me or not, liking her back was not my best idea.


2. The Chosen Ones

  Our school has a system of giving the newbies 'friends' to look after them and show them around. I'm not quite sure if they have understood the values of friendship. As far as I know, you pick your friends by spontaneity, their personality and how well you get on together. Not by some teacher randomly picking a group and dumping you there. But that is what happened, and no one was going to stand up to Miss Smith. Even Vi stayed quiet, not a single salute or sarcastic murmur.

 "Girls, this is Eleanor Jean. She's come here from Chester."

 "Hi! I'm Holly. And this is Lauren and Violet." Holly had already burst into her charming I-love-everyone-because-I-am-wonderful routine. Miss Smith beamed at her golden girl.

 "Holl?" Vi looked at Holly like she had commited some horrendous crime, "Vi?" she turned to Eleanor, "It's Vi."

 "Violet!" Miss Smith started.

 "No Miss!" Wow, this Eleanor had a voice on her, quite unexpected from the nervous nail nibbling girl from the corner, "No, I mean, sorry, it's fine. I'm Ellie. Ellie Jean- it just has a better sound to it, like I'm a different person."

  She was right. Ellie Jean sounded like some cool celebrity, who dismissed the paparazzi with a flick of her beautifully manicured hands. And had a Great Dane instead of a chihuahua, because she would have thought the strong immortal look about it would scare off people she didn't have time for.

  "Right," Miss Smith said looking quite taken aback, "I'll leave you girls to it. Compare timetables, and make sure Eleanor, Ellie, knows where she is going. Happy?"

  I assumed that there was only one answer to that. And sure enough, there was a murmur of agreement from both of my friends.

  As Miss Smith walked away, I realised we were going to have to think of a great deal of light conversation, fast. And golden girl was soon on the case.

  "Chester? I went there last Easter, with my dad, the zoo there is cool. Did you see the elephants?"

  "Uh, yeah I've been there, it was, um, fun." Ellie didn't look like she really had appreciated Chester Zoo as much as Holly, despite the elephants. "I used to go there a lot with the girls from my riding club."

  "Like, horse riding?" Vi said.

  "No, Vi, it was the Royal British Society of Goat Riders."

  "Yeah alright Lauren."

  Ellie was quietly laughing now, "Horse riding, yeah. Why?"

  "I have three horses! Do you compete? I might have seen you somewhere. I compete with my club. But I ride for fun as well, you should come sometime! Do you have a horse? You could borrow one of mine, I'm only on the farm down by the river. I usually go with my friend Beth, but she's alright. You should come!"

  I doubt Ellie had heard all of that, it was in quite a high octave you have to get used to if you're friends with Vi. "Yeah, ok, sometime." She was talking quite quietly but she was smiling.

  The buzzer went - first period. And I just remembered what it was.

  "Ah bloody hell, Holl, we've got biology. I haven't got my research. He's going to kill me!"

  "Well, Miss Smith said we have to show Ellie around anyway?" Holly was smiling and then turned to Ellie, "Where are you first anyway?"

  "Mr Le-wheel-eine?"

  "Who?" I grabbed her timetable. "Ah, Llewellyn. And with that pronounciation, you'll have a tough time in Welsh. Come on, we'll show you where it is. What did you call him again?"


  "Yeah that's not going to make him happy on a Monday. Or anything else on any other day for that matter."

  Holly laughed, "It's 'LL'. You've got to do that thing with your tongue. Llewellyn. Mr LLewellyn."

  "I don't know why they're making you do Welsh anyway. I doubt you will be taking it next year. Are you?"

  "I don't know, I've never done Welsh before, maybe I'll be good at it."

  I laughed, "Yeah, lets hope Mr Lewheeleine has the same optimism on a Monday morning."












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