the bad egg

friend. noun.
a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

It wasn't my case. Whether my "friend" liked me or not, liking her back was not my best idea.


3. Best of Friends

  After that, Ellie went to her Welsh class, and we had a pretty average school day. Holly and I fell into the rath of the science teachers with their ridiculous and unforgiving homework rules and landed ourselves in a lunchtime detention, while Ellie and Vi were bonding, over what was probably a Subway or Big Mac. I felt a bit sorry for Vi. She's not the best at making friends, good at talking but not very tactful. I expected her to come rushing to our meeting point after school, telling us how she 'needs a lesson in socialising', but only Holly was there.

  "Have you seen Vi? She had Mr Davies last. She's normally here by now- he always lets her out early." Holly had her little fabric bag in her hand. It was probably filled with cotton reels, needles and research for some new textiles project.

  "Yeah, she'll be here soon though. Monday? Pony club tonight! I'm sure the walk will be just as brisk as always." 

  "I don't know why she goes so fast."

  "There's a lot of things I don't understand about Vi."

  Holly laughed, "Yeah."

  Then I saw Vi walking down the main path with Ellie. "There they are Holl, she must've waited for Ellie. That was nice of her." She had slowed her walk to Ellie's pace and they were laughing together. I thought they were going the long way round but they passed the second entrance to the music rooms.

  Holly glanced at me, "What is she doing?"

  "I don't know. But I wish she'd walk that pace with us."

  Not even a smile, takes a lot to make some people laugh these days, "Yeah but she always walks home with us. Always."

  "Look Holl, she hasn't turned around, or taken any notice of us, so lets just go."

  And she didn't take notice of us for the next week.

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