The Suicide Note

It was all a lie..




Once I had gotten back to my room, I felt relaxed and calm. Nothing could get me in here, I thought. I sat on my bed and remembered the letters inside my bag. I got them out and found that they were already ordered chronologically, so I started to read them. I soon realised that they were mostly diary entries, and the girl that wrote them had lived in the house long ago. Her name was Lily Rose. I browsed through the entries, scanning them quickly until I came across the last letter, which was to her family. I read it, picking out only details that I understood.

It’s not your fault…. I’m sorry…. I just can’t do this anymore.… In the forest…. Goodbye.

The letter was long; over two pages. I didn’t understand it at first. But then it hit me. It was a suicide note. Why does this all sound so familiar? Thoughts ran through my head and I felt queasy. What had happened? The thing that scared me the most is that someone had tried to kill themselves in this very house so many years ago. Was the figure I saw Lily Rose? Who was Lily Rose? I had so many questions but no answers.

I realised the time and remembered that I had said I would meet Scarlett by the lake. I stuffed the letters back in the bag hoping that we could look through them later. Skipping down the stairs, I didn’t bother to say goodbye to my parents, although I was ready to take the consequences. Quietly, I shut the back door and trudged down the stoned path.

The sun was setting and reflected on the lake, which shined and glistened peacefully. I put my hands in my pocket as the wind ran through my hair and woolly pink hat. My shadow sat behind me and I looked out onto the lake. I could hear the trees whistle and birds tweet. I sat down like I had earlier, tucking my knees under my chin. Hearing soft footsteps behind me, I turned around to watch Scarlett sit next to me cross-legged.


“Hi,” I replied.

“Want to go for a walk?” Scarlett said quietly, her head was nodding in the direction of the forest.

“Sure,” We both got up. It was so tranquil and serene that neither of us daren’t talk. We edged nearer to the forest. Tall trees stood broadly above us and the darkness within wanted us to go further. As we walked, I told Scarlett about the letters and Lily Rose. She seemed excited and wanted to see them. I took them out of my bag and passed them to her.

“What do you think about it all? What do you think happened?” I questioned her.

“Niamph, I don’t know,” Scarlett said. She looked sad, but her eyes suddenly filled with glee. “How about we find out!” She smiled wildly and bit her lip to stop it showing.

“I’m not sure about that,” I said with a certain uncertainty.

“Come on it will be fun!” She begged, pulling at my hands and coat.

“Alright. As long as we don’t get into any trouble,” I said.

“Okay. Let’s sit at that tree and try to deduce the letters. I love doing this.” She slid down the tree trunk and sat on the roots, I followed her lead. “So, I’ve heard about this story before. I can’t remember where from. Urgh. I’m pretty sure the myth goes that Lily tried to kill herself after something happened, but failed to do so and was sent away. She wrote the letter to her sister and her parents, although her mother died soon after. This is getting complicated. I think that the owner of the house still lives there, I’m certain. And I’m sure he misses his daughter very much,” She said.

“Woah.” That’s all I could manage to say.


Scarlett stood up and circled the tree. I watched her closely, trying to figure everything out. “Wait, I live in that house. So the owner can’t still be living there.”

She gave me the look and I knew at once that she knew what I was thinking. I gasped.

“Jeffrey is her father?”

“Well done, Sherlock.”

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