The Suicide Note

It was all a lie..




When I woke up, I found myself on the muddy side of the lake. The ice had broken and shattered on the blue rippling water and the small pieces had started to melt. I sat up and was shivering, and I heard movement from beside me. I turned around to find a girl with thick blonde hair and bright blue eyes sitting next to me, plaiting lose strands of long reeds. She was looking right at me and I looked back at her with confusion. Her hair was damp and so were her clothes.

“Hi,” She said to me simply. Her large eyes widened with excitement as she saw I was awake. “I got you out of the lake. I saved you,” She laughed, her voice with sarcasm.

“Hey. Well, thanks!” I laughed back. “I’m Niamph,” I prompted, with my hand out.

“Scarlett,” She said as she gripped my hand to shake it. “I hope you are feeling better now.”

“Never felt better.” I smiled.


I sat up and rested my chin on my damp knees and hugged my legs tight. “So how exactly did you find me?”

“I was in the forest, behind the lake, alone. I was drawing a few leafs from a tree and heard a scream and then a splash, so I ran out to the lake,” She sighed. Aimlessly, she carried on plaiting the reeds together. “Shoot!” She yelled under her breath as the edge of a reed slit through her fingertip. Blood seeped through her skin and she automatically sucked her finger, wincing.

“Woah, you were pretty quick. And you had the guts to jump in. I don’t think I could ever thank you enough!” I smiled happily. It had begun to get warmer and my damp clothes soaked up the midday sun.

“Yeah, yeah,” She said, still sucking her bleeding finger. “Hey, it’s lunch time now, I should ugh, go home. If you like we can meet later? Same place at noon?” Scarlett questioned me.

“That would be great! I should get going too. I’ll see you later then,” I began to get up and started walking back to the house. I was still shaking slightly from the shock of the cold lake water. I was back on the path now and turned back to say goodbye to Scarlett. “Bye!” I said, waving. But I realised nobody was there, and there was nobody to be seen. Looking around, I realised I was the only person here, but it felt as if there was still an essence of somebody watching me. I ran back speedily to the house, and jumped through the back door. I’ll meet with her later.

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