The Suicide Note

It was all a lie..




I woke up the next morning at seven. I brushed my teeth and got ready quickly; tidying up my things and putting all of my clothes into the many draws and cupboards that I had found in one morning. I stuck my thick wavy brown hair into a bun and ran out of the room. After I had closed the door behind me, it took me quite a while to get into the kitchen. I went up and down the staircases a few times until I decided I would use my sense of smell and follow the waft of toast, which lead me to exactly the place I wanted to be.

“I trust you slept well, Miss,” Jeffrey said happily as he was buttering the last pieces of toast. He put it on a plate and went through an arched doorway, which lead into a large dining room. He placed the plate of toast on the far end of the table and poured out a glass of orange juice. I followed him through, and saw that the dining room was large, with wooden, horizontal panels on the walls and red patterned wallpaper which lead to a large fireplace. There seemed to be a fireplace in every room in this house.

“Here you are, Miss.” He said, and pulled out a tall chair from underneath the table.

“Thank you, Jeffrey,” I said politely, sitting down, and he walked out of the dining room to fetch more toast. I sat silently and nibbled at my piece of toast. Today, I had decided that I was going to explore the house, if I had time to explore the whole thing. I looked outside the window opposite me. Early morning mist was still above the fresh green grass that was wet with dewdrops. It was cloudy and I could hardly see past the endless amount of trees with the fog so thick and heavy. Jeffrey came back into the room and placed some more toast on the centre of the table, most likely for my parents, whom I hadn’t seen all morning.

“So, Niamph, what are you going to be doing today?” Jeffrey raised his eyebrows at me, whilst he wiped his hands on a tea towel.

“Well, I think that I might explore the grounds today,” I said. He could see the excitement in my eyes.

“Ah yes, of course. Well good luck; it is a rather large building,” He said honestly. “Be careful though, and don’t go too far, you could get lost!” He said whilst I laughed and began to get up.

“I’ll be careful, don’t worry,” I looked confused. How could I go too far, it was only a house? I walked out of the room and ran up the stairs to get my bag.

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