Fiery Love

Harry has never been one to fight, especially with girls, but when he meets the daughter of his costume designer he suddenly loses himself.
Elisabeth has a temper. She knows it too! She tries to control it but sometimes she just can't help it, especially when she meets one of her mother's clients.
Will Harry get over this spitfire of a girl? Will Elisabeth get over her temper problem?


4. The Ride

Los Angeles, US (Elisa)

After I packed my bags and put them in front of our door I walked over into my bed room for one last time. "I will miss you sorta." I walked back down stairs to find my mother's bags joined mine. "Mom I am taking the bags into the car." I yelled into the apartment. I picked up as much bags as I could carry and headed out the door to my future. When I got down to the parking lot I didn't know what to expect, but what I saw was totally not it. There parked in the spot that my mom told me there was a car waiting was a limo. It was shiny and black. I walked up to it and the driver door opened and a man walked out.

"You must be Ms. Elisabeth." He bowed before he took my bags. I didn't know how to reply other than running back to my apartment and screaming into the empty rooms.

"Its a limo!" I saw my mom's head peek out of her old bed room.

"Truly?" She asked me with a twinkle in her eyes. She flipped off her light and we both carried the rest of the bags out the door. Before we left my mom laid the keys on the bell boy's counter and waved good bye. Well this was it. I am officially leaving. I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach at the idea of traveling the UK. No not because I was traveling with Americas most top heartthrobs, but because I was traveling! As me and my mother entered the limo we first thought we were going to be alone. We weren't. The limo was filled with the members of One Direction. My stomach soon fell as I saw each one of them turn their eyes on me. I guessed they didn't expect me. "Hello boys... This is my daughter Elisabeth, but most people call her Elisa. She is coming with me." All the boys at once stuck out their hands. As I shaken each hand I memorized their names.

"Hi I'm Liam." The first one said as I took his hand. it was warm and inviting, but in a big brother type of way.

"I'm Zayn." Said the second one. He was more dark and mysterious but still inviting.

"I'm Jennifer...Oh wait I'm Louis." All the boys laughed at the same time which caused me to give out a little nervous laugh. Louis seemed nice friendly and funny.

"I'm Niall, and you look like you should eat some." Then Niall pulled out a candy bar and shoved it into my hands with a huge grin on his face.

"Thanks." I whispered shyly to him. Niall seemed friendly and nice yet sensitive. Then the last one stuck his hand out and I took it. I instantly felt a shock running through my palm. I took back my hand yet he continued to introduce himself.

"Hi Elisabeth...Elisa. I am Harry." He smiled sweetly at me. I smiled back and relaxed against the leather seat. I closed my eyes and sighed. This was going to be a long ride.


As soon as I saw our clothing designer had a girl with her I had suspicions, but they were soon cleared when she introduced her as her daughter. After she shook Louis's hand I knew she enough, but me and Niall still had to go. Once Niall gave her a candy bar I knew that I was going to be nothing compared to him, but when I took her hand she reeled back as if I shocked her. I still continued to introduce myself though. Once she relaxed into the seat I noticed she sighed long so I wondered if I was doing something wrong. I looked at her while her breathing slowed down into a rhythmic pattern. I finally looked at my mates and saw that half of them were sleeping also. I decided to get some rest before we had to mad dash to the plane.


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