Fiery Love

Harry has never been one to fight, especially with girls, but when he meets the daughter of his costume designer he suddenly loses himself.
Elisabeth has a temper. She knows it too! She tries to control it but sometimes she just can't help it, especially when she meets one of her mother's clients.
Will Harry get over this spitfire of a girl? Will Elisabeth get over her temper problem?


2. Sandy's House

Los Angeles, US (Elisa)

As I walked down the street to my friend Sandy's house I over heard girls squealing about a band and how they are going on tour soon. I thought about it for a bit but I dismissed it when I came to Sandy's front door. I walked up and turned the knob and yelled into the house, "Mom, Dad! I'm home!" I smiled when I saw Sandy run from her room and give me a bear hug.

"I gotta show you something!" Sandy practically yelled in my ear as she grabbed my hand and ran back to her room with my trailing behind her. As I walked past the kitchen I saw Sandy's mom and waved at her, she just smiled back. As I walked into Sandy's room I gasped. She had One Direction posters everywhere. She even had a map of everywhere they were going on tour this year... actually next month.

"Wow Sandy! Obsessed much?" I laughed and then I saw her pillow. It had all of their faces on it. I laughed again.

"What? What's so funny?" She looked innocently at me.

"Oh nothing Sandy. So I have to tell you something too." She looked at me and sat next to me. "I am getting home schooled... and I am moving sorta." I started to cry again and this time so did Sandy.

"But but why??" Sandy balled to me.

"My mother's job!" I sobbed and Sandy sobbed for about five minutes straight before we dried our tears.

"That is so not right! Why can't you stay with me?" Sandy and I looked at each other and started balling all over again. Sandy's mother walked in with some cookies and milk.

"Sometimes. No all the time things happen for a reason my dears." She set the cookies and milk down the walked out of the room. I grabbed a cookie and dunked it into some milk before I started talking again.

"I think your mom is right to a point. I just don't want to go. I will miss you." I looked to Sandy that was now stuffing her face. She opened her mouth to say something but cookies just came out. We both laughed. "The only plus is that I get to tour the UK with my mom." Whatever I just said my have startled Sandy a lot because she started choking on her mouthful of cookies. She swallowed and got up and ran to her map.

"What if it One Direction!" She yelled. "You have to get lots of pictures and give them to me. You HAVE to!" She squealed with delight now. She jumped and screamed.

"I don't know... my mom didn't say who they are yet... I could be someone we haven't heard of at all." I shrugged my shoulders. I wasn't even into One Direction that much anyways so I wouldn't care if they were who my mom was working for.

"You have to promise to give them my number!" All I did was laugh. "Promise me!" She ran up and yelled.

"Okay. Okay." I smiled when she did her happy dance. Just then I remembered that I had to be home by dinner. "Hey Sandy... I gotta go now. I will text you later." After we said our goodbyes I started my walk back home.

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