Fiery Love

Harry has never been one to fight, especially with girls, but when he meets the daughter of his costume designer he suddenly loses himself.
Elisabeth has a temper. She knows it too! She tries to control it but sometimes she just can't help it, especially when she meets one of her mother's clients.
Will Harry get over this spitfire of a girl? Will Elisabeth get over her temper problem?


3. Dinner Guest

Los Angeles, US (Elisa)

As I walked into the bathroom to freshen up before dinner I looked into the mirror and saw how bad I looked. "Damn." I whispered to myself as I redid my hair into a bun. After I splashed some warm water on my face I turned out the lights and went into the kitchen to see what was for dinner. It was my favorite... Fried Chicken. I walked over to my working mother and gave her a peck on the cheek before I went to set the table. My mom glanced to me and told me to put three places instead of one. I didn't question her but I had questions. After my mother went to put on clean jeans and a new shirt the door bell rang. "I got it mom!" I yelled into our apartment. As I opened the apartment door I instantly knew dinner was going to be a long one. "Hello. James." I said rudely.

"What is for dinner?" He looked to me and walked past me since I was clearly not going to invite him in. I hated James. He was the reason my father left. James irritated my father so much he just couldn't take it anymore so he left, and because my mother didn't want to leave my father left without me or my mom. We haven't heard from him since. I shut the door and headed to the table only to find that James was already stuffing his face which only irritated me more.

"You can wait can't you?" I sat down in my spot and waited till my mother joined us to start getting my food.

"So James. The reason why I invited you to dinner is to discus about next month. Me and my daughter will be moving-" James interrupted my mother's words by talking with a mouthful of food only for it to spew over half the table.

"NO! The contract doesn't end until next year!" He yelled once all of the food from his mouth was either on his clothes or the table. My mom looked appalled by his behavior but she plastered a smile onto her caring face. I on the other hand had a frown plastered on my face.

"James. The contract ends next month." My mother said very calm like for the manner she was being talked to. James shot up from the table and slammed his fists on the table causing both me and my mother to jump.

"Are you calling me a liar!? I am not a liar!" James then went over to my mother and raised his fist, but before he could hit her I lost it.

"James! Don't you touch her! You ARE a liar and a cheater and a piece of scum!" I yelled as my face turned red. "Now get out and never come back until it is time to collect our last rent! Now leave!" I yelled again and James seemed really startled at my courage. He lowered his fist and walked over to the door, but right before he left he said a smug remark which in return I yelled "Goodbye!" I smiled pretty like and curtsied as he left through the doorway. I turned to my mother to find out she had already started to clean up. "Sorry momma. He just touched a wrong nerve this time."

"It is fine baby doll. You are just like your father. Someday it will come in handy... Hopefully." We both laughed and finished cleaning up. After we finished cleaning up we both sit down in the living room. "Well now we can talk haha." I looked to her quizzically. "Okay. You can not go near the clients... Unless you are helping me... Or at a concert. You have unlimited access at any concert. And well this is private so you cannot tell anyone you are with them, because if you do it will not be pretty." I nodded my head in agreement.

"Is that it?" If I had unlimited access I could video tape the concerts and send them to Sandy. And I can keep this a secret. I hope. After she was done listing off rules I decided to take a shower and head for bed.

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