Fiery Love

Harry has never been one to fight, especially with girls, but when he meets the daughter of his costume designer he suddenly loses himself.
Elisabeth has a temper. She knows it too! She tries to control it but sometimes she just can't help it, especially when she meets one of her mother's clients.
Will Harry get over this spitfire of a girl? Will Elisabeth get over her temper problem?


1. The News

Los Angeles, US (Elisa)

"Elisa!" My mom yelled from the living room.

"Coming!" I yelled in reply as I hoisted my body off of my bed. As I walked down the hallway I bent down to pick up my cat's toy so no one would trip on it. As I entered into the living room my mom's facial expression was totally unexpected. Her grin was so huge it was unnatural. "Yes?" I asked now uneasy by the look on her face. She then shoved a letter in my hands. I looked at it for a minute not realizing what it was at first. Then I saw the word "accepted" and I squealed out with joy, "You got the job?" I looked into my mom's eyes and jumped for joy. Now times will change. Once my dad left us we were all alone. We had to skim the dirt to be able to live. Now all that would change. I hugged my mom tight and just stood there for a minute. "So what do you do?" I looked into her eyes again.

"Well we are going on tour with a band all over the UK!!" She said proudly.

"Wait... We? I am going with you!?" She nodded her head yes.

"I told them are state and they said as long as you have some type of schooling you can go... so you are now home schooled!" she smiled at me waiting for me to become excited even more but suddenly the pit of my stomach started to gurgle.

"Mom! I have friends though! What am I going to do?" I ran to my room and shut the door before flinging my self down on my bed crying my eyes out. I heard a soft tap on my door then my mother's soft voice.

"I am truly sorry baby, I just can't leave you by yourself. You are only sixteen. I can't let anything happen to you. I need you." I looked at her with a puffy red face and said that I was going to visit my best friend Sandy and tell her the news. My mom said that I had to be home before dinner so she could go over all the details.

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