<3 Party Time <3

Lucie starts to hang out with skip and soon he kissses her


2. his voice


“Oi you, the girl in the grey hoddie, come here.” I turned around to see a boy with gorgeous brown eyes and hair, running up to me. As he got closer I noticed he had 2 lip rings. “ Um yeah? What do you want?’’ I said to the boy. “Hi my names Daniel, but you can call me skip if you like. What’s your name? I haven’t seen you around here before.” “Oh, hey Daniel, I’m Lucie, and yeah that’s probably because I just moved here from Calli.”  “Calli hey?” “ Yeah, what about it?” “Oh nothing. you wouldn’t happen to have a mobile I could borrow do you?” “Oh yeah I do, here you go.” I handed Daniel my phone. He made a phone call and he started texting someone. I didn’t really mind as I have a lot of credit. Daniel soon handed me back my phone and ran back to his friends yelling;  “It was nice to meet you.” “Yeah you too” I shouted back. I checked my phone to see he added his number and texted himself. I just laughed and kept walking to the shops when my phone rang. I answered it to hear his voice.   
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